DDC-2923: Query expressions ALL/ANY/SOME don't seem to work #3683

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Jira issue originally created by user keesschepers:

It seems that the query expressions ALL() / ANY() / SOME() don't work (anymore). See my testcase and the error on my stackoverflow question:


The exception is thrown in the Query/Parser.php (line: 3040) since the functions are not mapped in the parser class as string functions.

What goes wrong?


Comment created by @ocramius:

Tests seem to cover this use case at https://github.com/doctrine/doctrine2/blob/a83f5df47c463cd64a2525274c97812e04a8eca5/tests/Doctrine/Tests/ORM/Query/LanguageRecognitionTest.php#L418-L426 - try using plain DQL instead of the query builder first - may be a problem with the QB


Comment created by @deeky666:

[~keesschepers] You use the expression wrong. ALL/ANY/SOME expression needs another expression to compare against. Something like:

SELECT * FROM foo WHERE ALL(SELECT bar.id FROM bar WHERE bar.id > 100)

is not valid SQL.

What you want is something like:

SELECT * FROM foo WHERE foo.id > ALL(SELECT bar.id FROM bar WHERE bar.id > 100)

I hope you get what I mean, I don't know exactly what you supposed your query to do but I hope you get the point. This is not a Doctrine bug.

See here for an example with the query builder: https://github.com/doctrine/doctrine2/blob/a83f5df47c463cd64a2525274c97812e04a8eca5/tests/Doctrine/Tests/ORM/QueryBuilderTest.php#L716-L729


Comment created by @beberlei:

Not an issue, the andWhere($expr->all()) usage is wrong.


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