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DDC-2973: [GH-949] Add a default lock mode to the EntityManager #3738

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Following this discussion on the mailing list, this is a first draft of a proposal to introduce a default lock mode for all entities loaded through an EntityManager.

At the moment, there is no way to set a lock mode for the following use cases:

  • Proxies obtained through getReference() and then initialized
  • Entities lazy-loaded through traversal of associations

This proposal introduces the idea of a default lock mode, which can be set at runtime when all reads in a transaction should be locking.

It works this way:


// load entities from EntityManager, Repositories or DQL, traverse associations, etc.
// all these entities will be loaded with the given lock mode


I have successfully tested it with the following use cases:

  • EntityManager::find()
  • EntityRepository::findBy()
  • DQL queries
  • Proxies
  • Lazy-loaded collections through OneToMany and ManyToMany associations

Before moving forward and writing proper unit tests, I'm looking for your feedback on this proposal. Is this a concept you would be happy to integrate in Doctrine?

If yes, I have a doubt as regards to where the default lock mode should be set: @Ocramius suggested to set it on the Configuration; this looked reasonable at first glance, and I have implemented it this way for now. It feels a tiny bit wrong though now that I see it, as I feel like the contents of the Configuration should should only be set during bootstrapping, rather than being set and reset in the controllers as in the example above. I might be wrong obviously.

My suggestion would be to move the default lock mode to the EntityManager, so that the code would become:


Happily waiting for your feedback!


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