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DDC-2984: Support Custom DBAL types to be used as identifiers #3748

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Jira issue originally created by user codeliner:

I've tried to use a Value Object that extends the DBAL\Types\StringType as identifier of an Aggregate Root. This is common practice in DDD, f.e. defining a TrackingId as identifier of a Cargo Aggregate. I've written a unit test for my repository and everything seemed to work well until clearing the UnitOfWork and trying to fetch a fresh entity. The error is similar to the one described in DDC-2176. The issue is closed and I don't understand why?

I think the support of Value Objects is a must have in Doctrine. I've checked out the new feature of defining embedded Value Objects and it works as a charm. But without the option to use Value Objects as identifiers Doctrine is missing an important feature!


Comment created by @ocramius:

DDC-2176 duplicates DDC-1998

Some clarifications:

  • custom types work as identifiers with the ORM as long as object types implement a **toString method that emulates the unique identifier
  • value objects as identifiers are not yet supported and will likely not be supported for another while because of technical limitations

What you can do to help out is writing a test case showing how you would want to use VOs on associations and identifiers.


Comment created by codeliner:

thank you for your reply. I have to check with my client if I can spend time to provide a test case. For now, we use the workaround that Yves Berkholz mentioned in his issue DDC-2176 to work with a string represantation of the VO inside the Entity.

The problem is, that the UnitOfWork uses the $idHash as key in the identityMap. If you use a Custom DBAL type as Identifier, the $idHash will be an Object and PHPUnit fails with the error: PHPUnitFramework_ErrorWarning : Illegal offset type in Doctrine\ORM\UnitOfWork.php(2578): ...
Even if the custom type implements a **toString() method.
The error/warning occurs in the same line as of the provided code block of Yves Berkholz:

$this->identityMap[$class->rootEntityName][$idHash] = $entity; // <- 2466 -> now it is line 2578


Comment created by codeliner:

I send a pull request that reproduces the bug in a TestCase, but DoctrineBot has opened a new issue: DDC-2998.


Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:

As of 5ce6dab this issue was fixed.


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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