DDC-3115: UnitOfWok can't access proxies protected property #3892

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Jira issue originally created by user machete:

Running the code on different environments for a while now, I have never had any problems. Recently I installed the code onto a different server and I've been experiencing the following issue:

Fatal error: Cannot access protected property DoctrineORMModule\Proxy*CG*\Page\Entity\PageRevision::$date in src/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/UnitOfWork.php on line 2596

I am absolutely clueless, why this happens. It seems to be affecting only specific data rows, as you might reproduce here: http://de.serlo.org/pages

The field is defined as followed:

     * @ORM\Column(type="datetime", options={"default"="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"})
    protected $date;

However, the exact same database snapshot works fine here: http://ptr.serlo.org/pages

Attached you will find a screenshot of the datarows. The yellow ones mark each one working and one not working row.

I have no idea what the problem is here.


Comment created by @ocramius:

Discussed this on IRC - very tricky, seems like one of the servers has the reflection property not set to "accessible"


Comment created by machete:

Adding $class->reflFields[$field]->setAccessible(true) before line 2596 resolved this issue. Even after removing it, everything worked fine.

note to self:

[18:23] @ocramius machete_: can you find out where that particular property is instantiated?
[18:23] @ocramius should be in ClassMetadataInfo::wakeUpReflection() or such
[18:25] @ocramius if you find that again, consider looking at locations in the code where new ReflectionClass() is instantiated

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