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DDC-3167: Inherited property ignoral #3947

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Jira issue originally created by user cdaguerre:

Hi, This isn't a bug, more a question I originally posted here: doctrine/DoctrineBundle#297

I have the following entity hierarchy, MyProduct being a parent entity mapped through class table inheritance :

SyliusProduct # Mapped superclass containing the 'options' association mapping
-- MyProduct # Mapped superclass that should override the association (Head of CTI)
---- MyProduct1 # Ultimate children (entities)
---- MyProduct2
---- MyProduct3
---- MyProduct4

I can't change the mapping of SyliusProduct (it's part of a Symfony vendor).
When generating the schema, doctrine wants to generate syliusproductoptions tables for each ultimate child, which throws a 'tables exists' exception.

Is there a way to either:

  • map the association at ultimate child level by creating 4 different tables (and specify different table names)?
  • map it at MyProduct level?
  • Simply ignore the association?

I hope this is the right place and way to ask this question...


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Comment created by @ocramius:

Hi, sorry, but I have to close the ticket as it is not an issue/feature request. Use for such kind of questions.

Feel free to provide a link to the question in a comment below once you've ported it to SO.


Comment created by cdaguerre:

OK, so I guess this 'feature' exists?
I asked the question here:

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