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DDC-3172: [GH-1061] 2.4 Doctrine dont use custom schemas #3953

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Url: #1061


When i can access a database with a user and map other user schema, example:

I connect to the server using USER1 credentials and need to use USER2 schema

Ccctually this is not suported:


set a new config parameter with owner to put on front query like select * from OWNER.TABLE

and on the mapping update query mappings with these:

swap this:

public function getListSequencesSQL($database)
322 {
323: return "SELECT sequencename, min_value, increment_by FROM sys.allsequences ".
324 "WHERE SEQUENCE_OWNER = '".strtoupper($database)."'";
325 }
387 public function getListViewsSQL($database)
388 {
389: return 'SELECT viewname, text FROM sys.userviews';
390 }


public function getListSequencesSQL($database,$owner)
return "SELECT sequencename, min_value, increment_by FROM sys.allsequences ".
"WHERE SEQUENCE_OWNER = '".$owner."'";

 * {@inheritDoc}
public function getListSequencesSQL($database,$owner)
    return "SELECT sequence*name, min_value, increment_by FROM sys.all*sequences ".
           "WHERE SEQUENCE_OWNER = '".$owner."'";

Worked fine for me on tests.



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