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DDC-3181: Class Table Inheritance - wrong table order on insert with more than one level of inheritance #3963

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Jira issue originally created by user sx9:

note: this issue seems the same as DDC-732

When using class table inheritance with multiple levels i.e.:
Object -> SolidObject -> Building -> House
(House inherits from Building, Building from SolidObject, SolidObject from Object)

Object has the discriminator column and mapping. When persisting a new House entity I get a foreign key error because there is no row in the Building table.

I searched in the Code and found the problem. In the class "Doctrine\ORM\Persisters\JoinedSubclassPersister" in function "executeInserts()" around line 146 the array $subTableStmts is first declared and then filled with insert statements. The statement of the House-table is first added, and then the parent-tables (except the root-table "Object", since that one is executed first).

So the order in which the insert statements are executed is:
1 Insert into Object ...
2 Insert into House ... (which causes the error)
3 insert into Building ...
4 Insert into SolidObject

I edited the source to insert into the parent-tables (first SolidObject, then Building) before inserting into the table that belongs to the class that is persisted (House). And this works


Comment created by bmohammed:

hello, can you please send me the modified lines or just share with me the whole method executeInserts.
thanks in advance

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