DDC-3183: Add JsonSerializable to Collections #3965

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Jira issue originally created by user gabrielbull:

Implement this:


Can't really make this claim if Doctrine is not implementing basic interfaces for collections:

The missing (SPL) Collection/Array/OrderedMap interface.

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I also would like this, would make some use-cases slightly simpler :) Also, as far as I can imagine, all that is needed is this function in ArrayCollection:

function jsonSerialize()
    return $this->elements;

Obvously this would require all elements in the array to also be json serializable... Should I try to create a pull-request for this, and if so, add it sooner that v. 3?

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This is a basic SRP violation. Serialization (into JSON in this case) is out of the scope of the ORM, and also of the entire doctrine project at the moment.

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I see your point, but ArrayCollection is not a part of ORM(?)... And as GabrielBull commented, that it belongs in a object that seeks to replace PHPs array?

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The doctrine collections library abstracts reading/writing of elements in a collection-alike structure: it doesn't abstract transforming the collection into something else (SRP still applies).

It is trivial to simply call toArray on a collection inside an entity's JsonSerializable implementation.


Yeah, thats true... thanks for the explanation :)

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