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DDC-3208: Merge DDC-3160 back into 2.4.x #3993

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Jira issue originally created by user @ocramius:

DDC-3160 should be backported to 2.4.4 once user feedback is collected.


Comment created by kbond:

I ran the DoctrineExtensions test suite with ORM 2.4 with this fix and it passed.


Comment created by zimmermanj42:

For the project I was working on where I started having issues with the 2.4.3 update and Atlantic18/DoctrineExtensions, the DDC-3160 solution did fix the problems that I was seeing. Granted, I am only using the Tree portion of that library, I cannot say anything about the other parts of it.

I just ran a test with the latest DoctrineExtensions code. These are the results I get with running Doctrine 2.4.3:

Tests: 411, Assertions: 1760, Errors: 71, Skipped: 62.

When I patch up the Doctrine 2.4.3 branch with the DDC-3160 fix, I get much better results:

OK, but incomplete, skipped, or risky tests!
Tests: 411, Assertions: 2410, Skipped: 62.

From what I can tell, this does seem to fix the DoctrineExtensions issues which I believe was eventually tracked down to being caused by the DDC-2996 fix.


Comment created by ericcoleman:

Patch is working for us.


Comment created by @ocramius:

Going to merge this back into 2.4.x asap


Comment created by @ocramius:

Merged at 5c5abb6


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