DDC-3226: Unable to escape field names in YAML notation #4013

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Jira issue originally created by user kix:

As in DDC-1759, I wanted to use some reserved words as my field names (same case: MySQL-backed key-value storage).
DDC-1759 was resolved by escaping the column names in field annotations. However, I'm using YAML files to store my mappings, and I couldn't find a way to set up an escaped field name there.


Comment created by @ocramius:

Escaping fields is done via the backtick symbol ``` in column mappings. This is not driver-specific, but applies to all mappings.


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alcalyn commented Apr 17, 2016 edited

I got this error, and the first result I found on google was this thread. A working example under YAML to make a reserved word as column name:

    type: entity
    table: core_entity
            type: smallint
            column: `order`

The last line did the trick (order being a reserved word in MySQL)

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