DDC-450: Add TableGenerator Implementation #4952

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Jira issue originally created by user @beberlei:

The TableGenerator Id Generator is not yet implemented, here is some code i came up with:

class TableGenerator extends AbstractIdGenerator
    private $_tableName;
    private $_sequenceName;
    private $_allocationSize;
    private $_nextValue;
    private $_maxValue;

    public function **construct($tableName, $sequenceName = 'default', $allocationSize = 10)
        $this->_tableName = $tableName;
        $this->_sequenceName = $sequenceName;
        $this->_allocationSize = $allocationSize;

    public function generate(EntityManager $em, $entity)
        if ($this->*maxValue === null || $this->_nextValue == $this->*maxValue) {
            // Allocate new values
            $conn = $em->getConnection();
            if ($conn->getTransactionNestingLevel() == 0) {

                // use select for update
                $sql = $conn->getDatabasePlatform()->getTableHiLoCurrentValSql($this->*tableName, $this->*sequenceName);
                $currentLevel = $conn->fetchColumn($sql);
                if ($currentLevel != null) {
                    $this->_nextValue = $currentLevel;
                    $this->*maxValue = $this->_nextValue <ins> $this->*allocationSize;

                    $updateSql = $conn->getDatabasePlatform()->getTableHiLoUpdateNextValSql(
                        $this->*tableName, $this->_sequenceName, $this->*allocationSize

                    if ($conn->executeUpdate($updateSql, array(1 => $currentLevel, 2 => $currentLevel</ins>1)) !== 1) {
                        // no affected rows, concurrency issue, throw exception
                } else {
                    // no current level returned, TableGenerator seems to be broken, throw exception
            } else {
                // only table locks help here, implement this or throw exception?
                // or do we want to work with table locks exclusively?
        return $this->_nextValue<ins></ins>;

Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:

Already merged into core.


Comment created by @beberlei:

But it is not enabled yet :-) Plus we need tests to verify this works in high concurrency enviroments and does not pass the same id twice.

Furthermore the DAtabase Platform Methods are completly missing. No implementations yet.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Schema-Tool support is also missing.

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