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DDC-478: $qb->expr()->between("alias.myfield", $minValue, $maxValue) cannot be parsed into valid SQL #4981

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Jira issue originally created by user mzach:

When using the between() method of the Doctrine\ORM\Query\Expr class, an instance of Doctrine\ORM\Query\Expr\Func is returned, which produces a DQL similar to:

SELECT p FROM MyTest\Domain\Person p WHERE BETWEEN(, 1, 100)

This is expected behaviour following the test available in Doctrine/Tests/ORM/Query/ExprTest.php, unfortunately the parser itself as well as other testcases expect the format to be

SELECT p FROM MyTest\Domain\Person p WHERE BETWEEN 1 AND 100

So every time you call getSql() Doctrine throws an Exception because it tries to access BETWEEN() as a database function, whereas it really is a comparator.

I made a quick fix available at to solve this issue by keeping the parser as-is and only rewriting the returned class




Comment created by mzach:

Attached modified classes for easier review


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