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DDC-481: Incorrect table aliasing when using quoting on table names #4985

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Jira issue originally created by user mluiten:

I need to quote several table names (because of reserved words within MySQL) like so:

 * @Entity
 * @Table(name="`Column`")
class Column extends OptionAbstract

Another entity Question is related one-to-many to these entities, however, when trying to fetch the relation I get SQL errors because it seems to use the backtick as the table alias, which is illegal. An example of the query it's generating:

SELECT ` AS id1, ` AS name2, `0.sequence AS sequence3, `0.question*id AS question_id4 FROM `Column` `0 WHERE question*id = ?

Comment created by mluiten:

Here's a patch that works for me; looping through the table name until there is a character in the range a-z (case insensitive) to use as an alias.

Might need some more error-reporting and endless loop protection etc.


Comment created by romanb:

Thanks but the problem is elsewhere. The table name should not have the quote characters. The quote characters should be stripped during metadata parsing and instead a flag quoted => true set for the table in ClassMetadata::$table. Its not hard to fix, we will look into it soon.


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