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DDC-512: LEFT JOIN of extended null entity cause empty result [testcase included] #5020

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Jira issue originally created by user else:

Dear developers,

I'm not sure about propriety of my query but what i want to do is left
join entity which is associeted by @OneToOne. Problem occur when
associeted entity is NULL. Then i got empty result. I think it's
because my associeted entity is extended so it cause in final SQL
query inner joins which are not in subselect.

class ShopData_Entity_StockItem extends Shop_Data_EntityItem {
* @OneToOne(targetEntity="ShopData_EntityOrderItem",
protected $orderItem;



So there's my query:

$q = $em->createQuery("select u from ShopData_EntityStockItem u left
join u.orderItem uu");
echo $q->getSql();
$result = $q->getResult();

// print 0 even there're ShopData_EntityStockItem in database and
without left join clause prints 2

There's echo $q->getSql():

SELECT s0.ean AS ean0, s0_.title AS title1, s0.description AS
description2, s0.vat AS vat3, AS id4, s1.bestBefore AS
bestBefore5, s0.discr AS discr6, s0.price AS price7,
s1.deliveryInvoice_id AS deliveryInvoiceid8 FROM
ShopData_Entity_StockItem s1_ INNER JOIN Shop_Data_Entity_Item s0 ON = LEFT JOIN Shop_Data_Entity_OrderItem s2_ ON =
s2.stockItem_id INNER JOIN Shop_Data_Entity_OfferItem s3_ ON = INNER JOIN Shop_Data_Entity_Item s4_ ON =


Comment created by else:

This test case is slightly different from example i wrote in description but shows same issue


Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:

Your report exposes exactly the issue pointed on DDC-349.

We should take a look how to fix this without having to update ALL unit tests that takes advantage of inheritance.

Also, the SQL spec requires that all joins need to be specified before write the ON keyword.

Exception: [PDOException] SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 a JOIN clause is required before ON
SELECT d0*.id AS id0, d0_.item AS item1 FROM DDC512Customer d0_ LEFT JOIN (DDC512OfferItem d1_ ON d0_.item = INNER JOIN DDC512Item d2_ ON = d2*.id)

And in the situation of a inheritance:

Exception: [PDOException] SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 a JOIN clause is required before ON             
SELECT o0*.id AS id0, AS name1, AS id2, AS name3, o0_.discr AS discr4, o0_.mother_id AS mother_id5, o3_.discr AS discr6, o3_.mother_id AS mother_id7 FROM OJTIC_Pet o0_ LEFT JOIN OJTIC_Cat o1_ ON = LEFT JOIN OJTIC_Dog o2_ ON = INNER JOIN (OJTIC_Pet o3_ ON = o3_.mother_id LEFT JOIN OJTIC_Cat o4_ ON = LEFT JOIN OJTIC_Dog o5_ ON = WHERE = 'Poofy' ORDER BY o3*.name ASC

Comment created by romanb:

I am aware of the problem and yes, nested joins for CTI can be a solution but its just 1 solution. The other one is to simply turn these CTI joins into left joins when they appear in the middle of a query (that is, not in the FROM clause).

So, given a Class hierarchy like this:

class Item
class StockItem extends Item
class OfferItem extends Item
class OrderItem extends OfferItem

StockItem <-onetoone-> OrderItem

and a DQL like this:

DQL: select s from StockItem s left join s.orderItem o ...

We have 2 possible solutions.

Nr. 1: Nested inner join

SELECT ... FROM stockitem s1_
INNER JOIN item s0* ON = s0*.id
    (orderitem s2* INNER JOIN offeritem s3_ ON = s3*.id
     INNER JOIN item s4* ON = s4*.id)
ON s1*.id = s2_.stockItem*id

Nr. 2: Just use left joins for parent tables for all CTI joins that are the result of a DQL join (This is what Hibernate does):

SELECT ... FROM stockitem s1_
INNER JOIN item s0* ON = s0*.id
LEFT JOIN orderitem s2* ON = s2_.stockItem*id
LEFT JOIN offeritem s3* ON = s3*.id
LEFT JOIN item s4* ON = s4*.id

According to DDC-349, most databases seem to support nested inner joins (Nr. 1) but nevertheless its not in the ANSI standard I think, so I am not sure we can rely on it.

The Hibernate solution seems simpler but I still wonder whether they perform differently (Usually, inner joins are more performant than outer joins),


Comment created by romanb:

Fixed in using the "hibernate-way".

Please note that you currently should not name join columns the same as entity fields. See DDC-522. Better use @JoinColumn(name="item_id", ...)


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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