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DDC-606: CLI documentation is out of date #5114

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Jira issue originally created by user artefact2:

The documentation never mentions that you should download symfony's source code on github and tweak the bin/doctrine.php file if you want to get it working.


Comment created by romanb:

Downloading the symfony CLI code should not be necessary. If it is, that needs to be addressed.


Comment created by artefact2:

Well it was necessary for me. This is an extract of bin/doctrine.php :

$classLoader = new \Doctrine\Common\ClassLoader('Symfony', DIR . '/../lib/vendor');

$configFile = getcwd() . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'cli-config.php';

$helperSet = null;
if (file_exists($configFile)) {
if ( ! is_readable($configFile)) {
'Configuration file [' . $configFile . '] does not have read permission.', E_ERROR

require $configFile;

foreach ($GLOBALS as $helperSetCandidate) {
    if ($helperSetCandidate instanceof \Symfony\Components\Console\Helper\HelperSet) {
        $helperSet = $helperSetCandidate;


$helperSet = ($helperSet) ?: new \Symfony\Components\Console\Helper\HelperSet();

$cli = new \Symfony\Components\Console\Application('Doctrine Command Line Interface', Doctrine\Common\Version::VERSION);


Comment created by @jwage:

This should be fine. We have the Symfony code there in lib/vendor/Symfony


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