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DDC-612: Query\Expr::substring() third parameter should be optional #5120

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Jira issue originally created by user @hobodave:

I'm not aware of a platform that requires all 3 arguments to SUBSTRING().

This seems to only affect queries from the QueryBuilder

The following DQL works fine:

UPDATE Common\Model\Location e SET e.path = CONCAT('00010002', SUBSTRING(e.path, 9)) WHERE e.path LIKE '00010001%'

Yet the following QueryBuilder expression:

$substr = $expr->substring('e.' . $this->getPathFieldName(), strlen($oldPath)+1);

results in:

Missing argument 3 for Doctrine\ORM\Query\Expr::substring()

If I make that argument optional, default null I get the following generated DQL and error:

"UPDATE Common\Model\Location e SET e.path = CONCAT('00010002', SUBSTRING(e.path, 9, )) WHERE e.path LIKE '00010001%'
Doctrine\ORM\Query\QueryException: [Syntax Error] line 0, col 84: Error: Expected Literal, got ')'

Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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