DDC-636: Incorrect proxy name when using alias for entity namespace #5146

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Jira issue originally created by user majkl578:

When I create an alias for entity namespace:

    'Entities' => 'A\B\Entities',

and then use it in association mapping:

 * @ManyToOne(targetEntity="Entities:Foo\Bar")
private $bar;

Then the proxy for the target entity is not generated correctly. It generates proxy class name "Entities:Foo\BarProxy", instead of "ABEntitiesFooBarProxy". It obviously causes Parse error in PHP.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Aliases in targetEntity are not supported and can't be architecture-wise. Aliases only work in DQL Queries or for EntityManager::find() ::getRepository().


Issue was closed with resolution "Can't Fix"


Comment created by nick4fake:

Why this bug is set to "Won't fix"? It would be great feature.

@doctrinebot doctrinebot closed this Dec 6, 2015
@doctrinebot doctrinebot added the Bug label Dec 7, 2015
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