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DDC-776: Persisters use a fixed "SELECT" SQL statements #5291

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Jira issue originally created by user aarondm:

I am currently trying to work with BINARY columns with Doctrine 2 and MSSQL. In order to get my Entities working I had to create a custom Mapping Type for Binary columns. All went well in this case and I've got it running.

The problem arises when I am attempting to use Associative mapping (OneToOne/ManyToMany). The problem is, in order to do a select for an SQL column, I had to create a DQL function called "CONVERT" so that I use WHERE statements:

        return $this->createQueryBuilder('u')
            ->where(" = CONVERT('binary', :id, 1)")
            ->setParameter('id', $id)

As you see, I must do this in order to get a result.

However, when I'm using associative mapping; this is what it does:

    return 'SELECT ' . $this->_getSelectColumnListSQL() 
         . ' FROM ' . $this->*class->getQuotedTableName($this->*platform) . ' '
         . $this->*getSQLTableAlias($this->*class->name)
         . $joinSql
         . ($conditionSql ? ' WHERE ' . $conditionSql : '')
         . $orderBySql 
         . $lockSql;

As you can see, its some what hard coded and I cannot change it without changing the actual code in

So, I would first like to know if there was maybe a way you could allow us to customize the SELECT statement that the persisters use - or maybe (though I'm not sure how this will be done) make them use user-defined repository functions?

Like $myRepo->find($identifier)

Not entirely sure if I explained this properly and I do realize my circumstance is highly odd - but this does seem like a limitation and because of this I cannot use associative mapping.


Comment created by locs:

Hi, i try to make my custom type for binary field in MSSQL.
I don't find own, can you please show me your custom type binary?
Thks a lot.

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