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DDC-815: Identifier quoting does not work with unique columns in PostgreSQL #5333

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Jira issue originally created by user zyxist:

It seems that Doctrine ORM tries to generate invalid unique index names, when the table name is quoted and one of the columns uses the "unique" annotation:

 * Users\User
 * @Table(name="`User`")
 * @Entity
class User
     * @var string $login
     * @Column(name="login", type="string", length=40, unique=true)
    protected $login;

Expected result:

The table gets created.

Actual result:

Creating database schema...
Invalid index-name "User"*login_uniq given, has to be [a-zA-Z0-9*]
Line 33
        0. Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\SchemaException::indexNameInvalid on line 214
        1. Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Table::_createIndex on line 176
        2. Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Table::addUniqueIndex on line 341
        3. Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaTool::_gatherColumn on line 273
        4. Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaTool::_gatherColumns on line 193
        5. Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaTool::getSchemaFromMetadata on line 93
        6. Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaTool::getCreateSchemaSql on line 76
        7. Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaTool::createSchema on line 73
        8. Doctrine\ORM\Tools\Console\Command\SchemaTool\CreateCommand::executeSchemaCommand on line 59
        9. Doctrine\ORM\Tools\Console\Command\SchemaTool\AbstractCommand::execute on line 159
        10. Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command::run on line 205
        11. Symfony\Component\Console\Application::doRun on line 117
        12. Symfony\Component\Console\Application::run on line 72

I don't know whether the problem is caused by ORM which forgets that the table names can be quoted, or by DBAL for the same reason. Anyway, I think this should be fixed. I agree with your argumentation that identifier quoting can be wrong, but you should also remember that Doctrine can be used in cooperation with other ORM libraries or with legacy databases. I am in this particular situation: the database is shared by two different systems written in two different languages and using two different ORM libraries, and this is a big limitation for me.


Comment created by @beberlei:

  1. Why do you need SchemaTool if you have a legacy database?

  2. You can use @Table(uniqueConstraints=...) to specify the index name, this circumvents your problem


Comment created by @beberlei:

This issue has a simple workaround and no possible sane solution undoing the quoting.


Issue was closed with resolution "Won't Fix"

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