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DDC-925: Breaks with Fixing Identification Variables and SQL Walkers - 2 #5454

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Jira issue originally created by user gektor:

Here is a part from the file with bug code.

// Fix order of identification variables.
// They have to appear in the select clause in the same order as the
// declarations (from ... x join ... y join ... z ...) appear in the query
// as the hydration process relies on that order for proper operation.
if ( count($this->_identVariableExpressions) > 1) {
  foreach ($this->_queryComponents as $dqlAlias => $qComp) {
    if (isset($this->_identVariableExpressions[$dqlAlias])) {
      $expr = $this->_identVariableExpressions[$dqlAlias];
      $key = array_search($expr, $AST->selectClause->selectExpressions);
      $AST->selectClause->selectExpressions[] = $expr;

Bug details

$key = array_search($expr, $AST->selectClause->selectExpressions);

When array_search function return false (no match).
Then on the next line wrong array element deleted, because (int) false = 0


Comment created by @beberlei:

Add test, this issue does not appear anymore with the fix for DDC-915.


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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