DDC-930: A table cannot have more than one many to many relationship with the same table when using reverse engineer #5459

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Jira issue originally created by user teuzz:

This is caused by taking the join column name as the identifier while generating a property name for annotation. The mapping driver detects that the same property is already defined and ends the convert process. A little bit smarter approach for me was to take the local table name. But this assumes a specific style of join table naming convention.



$associationMapping['fieldName'] = Inflector::camelize(strreplace('id', '', strtolower(current($otherFk->getColumns()))));


$name = explode("",$myFk->getLocalTableName());
if (count($name) > 1)
$name = implode("
", $name);

                $associationMapping['fieldName'] = Inflector::camelize(str*replace('*id', '', strtolower($name)));

Maybe to switch to this behavior with an additional option?

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