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association override #218

wants to merge 9 commits into from

6 participants

Fabio B. Silva Guilherme Blanco Benjamin Eberlei Michel Salib Alexander Christophe Coevoet
Fabio B. Silva

Hello All

This patch is one part of DDC-964 :
First part add suport for AssociationOverride.

I wrote this code based on java implementation :

Any sugestion are welcome


Guilherme Blanco

The idea is awesome, but the patch can't be evaluated quickly.
There're thousands of possibilities and we can't merge blindly and open a can of worms.

I'll be evaluating the patch, but it takes time. I also wonder if @beberlei and @asm89 want to evaluate too.

Benjamin Eberlei

It looks very good, but its missing XML and YAML Driver support :-)

Fabio B. Silva


I changed many things to implement the other drivers.
Please take a look again. //cc @guilhermeblanco, @beberlei

Michel Salib

Can't wait to see it merged. Any news ? //cc @guilhermeblanco, @beberlei

Fabio B. Silva

ping :)


Nice PR! I'll try to sit down and thoroughly go through the code this week. On a quick scroll it looks nice.

@guilhermeblanco @beberlei Checked it out after the added commits?

@@ -498,7 +498,7 @@ class ClassMetadataInfo implements ClassMetadata
* NamingStrategy determining the default column and table names
- * @var \Doctrine\ORM\NamingStrategy
+ * @var Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\NamingStrategy
Christophe Coevoet
stof added a note

you should keep tje leading \

Fabio B. Silva Owner

Done !!

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Fabio B. Silva

Hi :)

Any news about this one ?

Fabio B. Silva

i'm opening a new PR for this one

Fabio B. Silva FabioBatSilva deleted the branch
elHornair elHornair referenced this pull request from a commit
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