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stof commented May 20, 2012

The ORM should accept using the 2.2 branch of DBAL and Common too, not only the tags (preferring the stable release should be done using the stability flag in composer at the project level)

This pull request passes (merged 8abe8fe into 202e675).

stof referenced this pull request in symfony/symfony May 20, 2012


Changed composer constraint to allow Doctrine 2.3 too #4350

@beberlei beberlei added a commit that referenced this pull request May 20, 2012

@beberlei beberlei Merge pull request #351 from stof/composer_requirement
Composer requirement

@beberlei beberlei merged commit 36cac85 into doctrine:2.2 May 20, 2012

@fabpot fabpot added a commit to symfony/symfony that referenced this pull request May 21, 2012

@fabpot fabpot merged branch stof/allow_doctrine_2_3 (PR #4350)

0581c3a Added missing dependency to doctrine common in the global composer.json
cdfb0b1 Changed composer constraint to allow Doctrine 2.3 too


Changed composer constraint to allow Doctrine 2.3 too

This allows both the 2.2.x and 2.3.x series for the Doctrine constraints instead of restricting to 2.2.x (thus allowing me to allow Doctrine 2.3 in DoctrineBundle too).

It also fixes some constraint that were missed when bumping the requirement to Doctrine 2.2 and added the missing deps in the global file (FrameworkBundle declares its dependency to ``doctrine/common`` for the ``annotation_reader`` service but it was not declared in the global file)


by travisbot at 2012-05-20T20:36:06Z

This pull request [fails]( (merged 0581c3a into 1407f11).


by stof at 2012-05-20T20:56:18Z

The failure is because the doctrine ORM does not allow Doctrine Common 2.2.x but only stable releases (see doctrine/doctrine2#351 fixing it) and Composer seems to resolve dev dependencies by considering all previous resolved deps as fixed whereas downgrading common to 2.2.2 could have worked to satisfy all deps


by fabpot at 2012-05-21T05:56:56Z

So, I cannot merge this until the composer bug is fixed (ping @naderman)


by stof at 2012-05-21T07:00:29Z

you could merge it now. The PR to the ORM has been merged so the composer.json is not triggering the issue anymore
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