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scoolen commented Jul 8, 2012

I now see I chose the wrong branch. I thought I found the bug in 2.1, but we're actually using 2.2.*.

So next time I guess I should:

  1. Check if the bug still exists in master
  2. Branch off of master
  3. ?
  4. PROFIT!!

This pull request fails (merged 47ac4fc into ab851ab).

@beberlei beberlei commented on the diff Jul 8, 2012
+use Doctrine\Tests\Models\Taxi\Car,
+ Doctrine\Tests\Models\Taxi\Driver,
+ Doctrine\Tests\Models\Taxi\Ride,
+ Doctrine\Tests\Models\Taxi\PaidRide;
+require_once __DIR__ . '/../../../TestInit.php';
+ * @group DDC-1884
+ * @author Sander Coolen <sander@jibber.nl>
+ */
+class DDC1884Test extends \Doctrine\Tests\OrmFunctionalTestCase
+ protected function setUp()
+ {
+ $this->useModelSet('taxi');
beberlei Jul 8, 2012 Member

i dont understand why you have both a model set and an inline schema. It should be either the one or the other.

scoolen commented Jul 8, 2012

I needed a second schema to demonstrate that things do work when the joining table has a surrogate primary key.

beberlei commented Jul 8, 2012

But that has no value for us, please remove that. We only need the failing tests.


This pull request fails (merged c988824 into ab851ab).

@guilhermeblanco guilhermeblanco referenced this pull request Jul 30, 2013

Fixed DDC-1884. #741


Fixed this issue through #741
Thanks for providing the test case.

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