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Singular form of generated methods should end with 'y' when property ends with 'ies' #530

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The singular form is not correctly detected if the property ends with 'ies' like 'entries' which should be transformed to 'entry'.
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thank you for positing this Pull Request. I have automatically opened an issue on our Jira Bug Tracker for you with the details of this Pull-Request. See the Link:


Oh btw, I just (automatically) realized that you are not creating this pull request against the master branch.

Unless there are good reasons for this, i would suggest to close and rebase the Pull Request against master and then create it again. Sorry!

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Ocramius commented Dec 4, 2012

Wasn't the last suggestion about using a more advanced inflector?


Which suggestion do you mean?

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beberlei commented Jan 6, 2013

I would take the code from cakephp that does singularize and pluralize including tests
and move it to Doctrine\Common\Util\Inflector - then use that API to do this singular/plural changes.

jbergler commented Jan 6, 2013

@beberlei I have already created PR against Doctrine\Common\Util\Inflector here

I should also add that those changes use the code from CakePHP and I think I have a PR ready to push which makes the changes here to utilise the Util class once its been committed.


Okay, so I'll close this pull request ;)

@naitsirch naitsirch closed this Jan 7, 2013

@naitsirch @jbergler running 2.3.4 these issues with generated Entity method names ending 'ie' are remaining.

I am using yaml notation and from this kind of notation in yaml:

        targetEntity: Security
        mappedBy: tradingCountry

This kind of (wrongly named) method gets generated:

public function addTradedSecuritie(\X\Y\Entity\Security $tradedSecurities)
    $this->tradedSecurities[] = $tradedSecurities;

    return $this;

If this bug was resolved then I would have expected these issues to disappear ?


Yes, I am experiencing this behaviour in latest 2.3.x, too, but haven't looked into the code again. It seems like doctrine/common#227 should have fixed this issue. Maybe it has not been merged into 2.3.x?

@beberlei What is the current status?

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Ocramius commented Jul 5, 2013

@naitsirch including doctrine/common#227 into 2.3 is a no-go in my opinion, that's quite a break (and a new feature)


In my opinion it's a bug fix ^^ because the current behaviour is not correct.
But I just wanted to know where the fix will be applied to


@naitsirch Short answer, looks like the changes are in 2.4 to use doctrine/inflector
see doctrine/common@18b2c6e

afilina commented Oct 9, 2013

My "categories" are still generating "addCategorie"

Doctrine member

@afilina this with the new inflector?

afilina commented Oct 17, 2013

@Ocramius My mistake, I had <2.4-dev in my composer file. I changed to the higher version and updated dependencies. My function names are now correct. Thanks.

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