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Padam87 commented Dec 11, 2012

In Symfony2, if the main entity is in a separate bundle, from a vendor, changing the DiscriminatorMap is not a good idea.
Thats why we should be able to add entries to the map.



discriminatorMapEntry: keyHere






thank you for positing this Pull Request. I have automatically opened an issue on our Jira Bug Tracker for you with the details of this Pull-Request. See the Link:


That is not enough.
Also, the main class needs to know about its subClasses and parentClasses.

Padam87 commented Dec 11, 2012

Thanks, on it.


👍 Really useful, until now, there were some user-land implementations through listeners, e.g.: this DiscriminatorMapDiscovery.

Also, add some tests. :)

Padam87 commented Dec 11, 2012

We were using this one:

But there were some major issues. Fails in prod env with the latest doctrine.


This is actually not necessary anymore, since 2.2 or 2.3 (not sure) Doctrine has a feature where @InheritanceType without @DiscriminatorMap leads to an auto-detection of the map.

@beberlei beberlei closed this Dec 16, 2012
Padam87 commented Dec 16, 2012

@beberlei Yep, I know. But if two entities have the same class name, the auto-detection fails, and throws an exception.

Maybe instead of this solution you could inluce the namespace in the auto-detection naming.

@Padam87 Padam87 referenced this pull request in Netpositive/NetpositiveDiscriminatorMapBundle Jan 4, 2013

Problem clearing cache in prod-environment #3


Also having this problem...

Majkl578 commented Oct 4, 2013

Bumping this.

This is actually not necessary anymore

@beberlei: I disagree. This is much cleaner than auto-detection which:
a) collides for entities of same name in different namespace,
b) breaks in terrible way when class is renamed,
c) is ugly (generates unnecesarily too long discriminator columns).

Padam87 commented Oct 6, 2013

@Majkl578 I agree, obviously. :) Plus it should be faster than auto detecting.

Padam87 commented Apr 28, 2014

Bumping this again. @beberlei Is there any way that a feature like this could be merged? It's really annyoing to work with when you run into this issue.

Padam87 commented Jun 22, 2015

@beberlei Bumping again, as today we came across this issue again.

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