Oracle Pagination bug when ordering is present #646

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@raykolbe can you add a test for this, please?

mvrhov commented Apr 10, 2013

This is the bug I've encountered about a year ago and I was really surprised then that this didn't popp up more frequently. IMO this shows that people are still to centered on MySQL which completely disregards some parts of the SQL standards.


@guilhermeblanco I'll take a swing at it.

@mvrhov I've been using Doctrine2 w/Oracle for about a couple of years now w/no major issues. I think Oracle gets left behind sometimes, as I'm sure MSSQL does, because they are used less frequently in the PHP world. I also noticed that the Travis builds don't build against Oracle. Perhaps I'm mistaken here?


@guilhermeblanco I added the tests but I'm not sure why the commit is not showing up in this PR.


@raykolbe that's perfect.
We're negotiating a possible way to have Oracle and SQL Server tests running somehow in a VM.
Until that, we basically implemented the original set of features and we rely on spec and users to get it working correctly.

@guilhermeblanco guilhermeblanco merged commit e835175 into doctrine:master Apr 10, 2013

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default The Travis build passed

I can't seem to get this merged back, because suddently the OrderByItem doesn't have expressions anymore in every instance, leading to notices. This will be a 2.4 only fix, i don't want to mess with this too much


This little fix seems to have been removed in the latest version, or at least the version I have v2.5.2,

Can you confirm?

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