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@beberlei beberlei released this · 1995 commits to master since this release

[DDC-1844] - [GH-360] [DDC-1840] Implemented parameters as a collection.
[DDC-1884] - leftJoin via composite key part not hydrated if joining table solely consists of identifiers
[DDC-1995] - "Query Exception: Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens" when using an "Instance Of" expression
[DDC-1998] - Problem when deleting with EntityManager->remove($entity)
[DDC-2000] - [GH-431] [ORM] Fix double semicolon
[DDC-2016] - DQL Parser fails in select clause
[DDC-2019] - addOrderBy function incomplete
[DDC-2020] - [GH-440] The schema tool now doesn't add a foreign constraint when subclassess of...
[DDC-2044] - [GH-455] Fixed unique-constraint name in XML Exporter
[DDC-2047] - [GH-456] Optimize autoload prefix in composer.json
[DDC-2049] - [GH-458] Use cascade=all if all cascade options set
[DDC-2051] - after filtering an association by using ->matching(Criteria) original association changes
[DDC-2054] - [GH-461] [SchemaValidator] Fix typo
[DDC-2062] - [GH-466] Use protected so EntityGenerator can be extended
[DDC-2083] - [GH-482] user can set its own commands in the cli-config.php file
[DDC-2090] - MultiTableUpdateExecutor works incorrect with query cache enabled
[DDC-2091] - [GH-486] Fix DDC-2084
[DDC-2106] - Notice trying to match a Criteria referencing a managed entity not yet persisted
[DDC-2132] - [GH-509] SchemaTool ignoring 'fixed' option
[DDC-2136] - convert-mapping can't create YML from Annotation when Id column is a OneToOne relationship
[DDC-2137] - [GH-510] CS on QueryBuilder
[DDC-2138] - Foreign Keys in STI are wrong when same field is reused in different classes.
[DDC-2142] - [GH-513] Enumeration support
[DDC-2151] - [GH-515] Fixes sandbox cli: The helper "em" is not defined.
[DDC-2153] - [GH-517] Fix for DDC-1765
[DDC-2169] - [GH-524] EntityManagerDecorator base class as an extension point for EntityManager
[DDC-2172] - GENERATOR_TYPE_UUID missing in EntityGenerator.php
[DDC-2173] - [GH-525] Ensure onFlush and postFlush events are always called Edit
[DDC-2174] - [GH-526] [DDC-2172] Fix EntityGenerator get literal type
[DDC-2181] - [GH-528] Documentation fixes
[DDC-2188] - DQL arithmetic priority is not considered in expression 'a/(b*c)'
[DDC-2201] - [GH-537] fixed problems with joined inheritance and composite keys
[DDC-2205] - Negative Values in Case Then expressions
[DDC-2208] - CASE WHEN ... WHEN doesn't work
[DDC-2209] - [GH-540] [DDC-2208] Fix DDC-2208
[DDC-2214] - extra single quotation in sql when using EntityRepository::findBy
[DDC-2234] - WHERE <> IS NULL ... doesn't work
[DDC-2235] - Single table inheritance discriminator in WHERE when using arbitrary join syntax
[DDC-2247] - [GH-551] [DDC-2234] FUNCTION() IS NULL comparison
[DDC-2252] - Trying to delete ManyToMany relatrionship with composite keys.
[DDC-2256] - [GH-554] Fixed ObjectHydrator when namespace alias is given.
[DDC-2268] - Lexer error using string functions inside CASE WHEN
[DDC-2272] - [GH-565] Removed an unused local variable.
[DDC-2273] - [GH-566] Added missing return statement to AbstractCommand.
[DDC-2274] - [GH-567] Removed outdated methods in DatabasePlatformMock
[DDC-2276] - [GH-569] Hotfix/pre flush event args params
[DDC-2289] - [GH-575] Added YAML configuration example for "Simple Derived Identity" in Docs
[DDC-2291] - [GH-576] Update docs/en/reference/batch-processing.rst
[DDC-2294] - [GH-579] Unit tests: cleanup of outdated / unused / commented out code
[DDC-2304] - [GH-583] accept more than 2 parameters in CONCAT function
[DDC-2306] - Lazy loading associated entity's property causes identity loss when another association is set to fetch="EAGER"
[DDC-2311] - ManyToManyPersister fails to delete when entity uses FK ID
[DDC-2312] - [GH-586] Fix EntityManager doc
[DDC-2326] - [GH-595] Fixed broken code block in documentation
[DDC-2327] - [GH-596] Missing link to a cookbook in the docs
[DDC-2330] - [GH-599] Removed unnecessary "<?php" from the docs
[DDC-2334] - [GH-602] Added $isIdentifierColumn documentation
[DDC-2345] - convertObjectParameterToScalarValue() raises a notice
[DDC-2355] - [GH-618] [DDC-2188] Fix arithmetic priority
[DDC-2356] - [GH-619] [DDC-2090] Fix MultiTableUpdateExecutor with query cache
[DDC-2360] - [GH-622] Import EntityManager from proper namespace
[DDC-2366] - [GH-627] update document on Doctrine cache provider
[DDC-2369] - [GH-630] Hotfix for DDC-2359
[DDC-2385] - [GH-640] [Paginator]Add hidden field ordering for postgresql
[DDC-2392] - [GH-644] Fixed typos
[DDC-2396] - [GH-646] Oracle Pagination bug when ordering is present
[DDC-2407] - AbstractExporter _getIdGeneratorTypeString does not know about the UUID generator
[DDC-2409] - Merge operation tries to add new detached entities to indentity map and load them as proxies
[DDC-2417] - [GH-653] [DDC-2415] Fix CustomIdGenerator inheritance
[DDC-2419] - [GH-655] [DDC-2409] Fix merge association UnitOfWork::STATE_NEW
[DDC-2420] - [GH-656] [DDC-2235] Fix for using a LEFT JOIN onto an entity with single table inheritance
[DDC-2429] - Association-Override Problem in XSD Mapping?
[DDC-2430] - Incorrect results when using ->matching on PersistentCollection
[DDC-2432] - Entity can be initialized even if not found
[DDC-2435] - Column name with number and reserved character creates invalid query
[DDC-2438] - [GH-661] Update annotations-reference.rst
[DDC-2439] - [GH-662] Fixed a code block.
[DDC-2441] - Incorrect SQL Query being generated
[DDC-2442] - [GH-663] Adding failing test to demonstrate DDC-2432
[DDC-2446] - [GH-666] [DDC-2429] Fix xsd definition
[DDC-2451] - Entity listeners class don't work when metadatas are stored in cache
[DDC-2456] - [GH-669] Fixed generating column names for self referencing entity.
[DDC-2457] - [GH-670] [DDC-2451] Fix entity listeners serialization
[DDC-2458] - [GH-671] [DDC-2435] Fix column name with numbers and non alphanumeric characters.
[DDC-2460] - [GH-672] Simplification example
[DDC-2461] - [GH-673] Namespace based command names
[DDC-2470] - Sql Server error in createQuery using ORDER BY and setMaxResults
[DDC-2475] - ORDER BY on existing column is added, not replaced
[DDC-2478] - PersisterException when matching Criteria expression isNull to ArrayCollection
[DDC-2488] - [GH-686] [DDC-2475] Replace OrderBy mapping when OrderByClause is given
[DDC-2493] - [GH-689] [WIP][DDC-1995 ] Support metadata class as parameter for instance of expression
[DDC-2505] - [GH-697] Fix phpDoc syntax in ClassMetadataInfo.php
[DDC-2506] - WITH Conditionals on Class Table Inheritance LEFT JOINs are inserted incorrectly
[DDC-2517] - [GH-703] Clear visitedCollections
[DDC-2521] - [GH-706] [DDC-1398] Extra-lazy get for indexed associations
[DDC-2533] - [GH-710] Fix extra lazy get
[DDC-2539] - ResultVariable cannot be used in Like expressions
[DDC-2542] - [GH-716] Appending the Paginator tree walker hint
[DDC-2548] - [GH-720] Allow to have non-distinct queries
[DDC-2564] - PersistentCollection - coll is not initialized for Collection methods
[DDC-2577] - [GH-737] Skip not mapped public properties in SchemaValidator
[DDC-2578] - [GH-738] Modified Hydrators to be per-query instances instead of a singleton-like approach
[DDC-2579] - BasicEntityPersister - delete bug
[DDC-2582] - [GH-741] Fixed DDC-1884.
[DDC-2587] - [GH-744] Corrected PHP type for "decimal" mapping type
[DDC-2607] - [GH-753] JoinedSubclassPersister doesn't properly bind on some versions of php
[DDC-2610] - [GH-755] corrected English grammar in docblocks
[DDC-2612] - [GH-757] Update resolve-target-entity-listener.rst
[DDC-2614] - [GH-758] Fixed DDC-2235.
[DDC-2623] - [GH-763] Entity generator - trait in parent class
[DDC-2638] - [GH-770] Fix for entity generator discriminator column
[DDC-1872] - Evaluate @AssocationOverride/@AttributeOverride in context of Traits
[DDC-2265] - [GH-561] fix typo in the documentation
[DDC-2266] - [GH-562] Fix error in QueryBuilder example
[DDC-2358] - [GH-621] [doc] adding some more doc and examples for lifecycle event listeners and subscribers
[DDC-2583] - [GH-742] Cleaned up events.rst
[DDC-2609] - [GH-754] Fixed syntax highlighting in working-with-associations.rst
[DDC-2650] - [GH-775] Update create bug script
[DDC-717] - Do not use files when using proxy autogeneration
[DDC-1245] - Check if Entity implements EventSubscriber to allow access to EM
[DDC-1376] - Foreign key not available to order when using findBy()
[DDC-1398] - loading one item at a time when indexBy and EXTRA_LAZY fetch mode is used on a collection
[DDC-1956] - [GH-413] code refactorings on persister
[DDC-1981] - ProxyFactory does not throw exceptions that are verbose enough (hard to debug)
[DDC-2186] - PreFlushEventArgs not passed by ClassMetadataInfo::invokeLifecycleCallbacks()
[DDC-2187] - [GH-531] use base events
[DDC-2215] - [GH-543] Make doctrine a Light-weight distribution package in Composer
[DDC-2313] - Deep clone for DBAL QueryBuilder
[DDC-2320] - [GH-591] Remove dead code
[DDC-2333] - [GH-601] Add 'contains' comparison
[DDC-2359] - ClassMetadataFactory::wakeupReflection() is called twice
[DDC-2384] - [GH-639] Added abillity to use metacolumn as indexBy
[DDC-1574] - Support operator 'new' in DQL
[DDC-1955] - Support for @EntityListeners
[DDC-1979] - [GH-422] DDC-1574 - "new" operator
[DDC-1980] - [GH-423] DDC-1955 - @EntityListeners
[DDC-2055] - Helper to generate SQL SELECT clause for Native Query
[DDC-2056] - [GH-462] [DDC-2055] Generate SELECT clause from ResultSetMappingBuilder
[DDC-2202] - [GH-538] IDENTITY() Support composite primary key


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