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Jira to Github Issues Migration

We are using the Github Import API Beta to migrate issues from Jira via REST API to Github.

Reasons for our move are the constant Spam Problems on our public Jira that we couldn't get under control and the amount of maintenance we have to put into Jira.

Downsides of the migration are:

  • the lack of multi milestone support on Github
  • the lack of "good" search engine and filtering on Github issues
  • the general wonkyness of Github issues
  • no security issue support

To keep all history we are importing issues from Jira.

Configuration: Create a .env file with the following environment variables:

GITHUB_USERNAME=name of the user importing the tickets
GITHUB_TOKEN=token for the user, propably requires admin token with everything

This repository contains all the scripts necessary for the migration.

  • version_to_milestones.php script to download all versions of a project and create equivalent milestones in Github Issue Tracker. It keeps a map of version-id/number to milestone-id in the data directory for the import.

  • export_jira_tickets.php script to download all Jira issues per project and put them into a folder, one file per issue with the Github import API format. This script is using the Github milestones and labels as input. REQUIRES CHANGES to the $knownIssueTypes and the $knownAssigneesMap variables for mapping issue types to labels in a following step and assigning the right Github users as creator or assignee of an issue.

  • import_tickets.php script to push all tickets to a Github import API queue and poll for status, assigning each downloaded jira issue its appropriate Github Issue ID.

  • issue_numbers.php script to fetch all imported tickets from Github and store the mapping into a file in the data folder that is needed for further processing.

  • attachments.php script uses the imported issue numbers to create secret Gists for non-binary attachments of a Jira ticket and links them into the Github ticket by posting a comment.

  • assign_label.php script to create labels according to Resolutions and Issue Types for a Jira Project in Github Issue tracker from the previously fetched import issue numbers.

  • jira_versions_to_github_releases.php script to pull all versions from Jira and prepare a list of releases to create on Github, including release notes with adjusted ticket references and then push them. This script creates a hashmap of Jira Version Id to Github Release Id for future Redirects when Jira is decommissioned. INCOMPLETE

  • generate-issues-map.php script to pull all tickets from Github, extract the Jira Ticket Number from it and create a map of Jira Ticket Key to Github Id for future Redirects when Jira is decommissioned.

Want to use this as external party? Things to watch out for:

  • There is some configuration code in export_jira_tickets.php that must be adjusted.
  • Also in export_jira_tickets.php is commeted out code for handling inward and outward links between tickets. For us, the commented version currently generates Markdown links to the Jira URLs, where we have redirects in place to go to the Github issue.
  • The Markdown converter currently detects Doctrine Jira Project Keys and converts them again to links to the old jira that then get redirected to the Github tracker using a script on top of generate-issues-map.php, which also needs project key adjustments.