Time for a stable release? #120

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ruudk commented Jun 25, 2013

As Symfony 2.3 SE has minimum stability set to stable this package isn't working. Why not create a stable release?



beberlei commented Jun 25, 2013

because migrations is not stable, its alpha and will need considerable work to get stable


acrobat commented Jul 12, 2013

@beberlei is there a roadmap towards a stable release?

winzou commented Aug 25, 2013

@beberlei we need at least an alpha release or something like that. Currently the only tagged version doesn't work ($sql undefined issue), forcing us to put "dev-master" in our requirements...

garak commented Sep 13, 2013

👍 for at least an alpha release. Using dev-master is not good


acrobat commented Oct 6, 2013

ping @beberlei, any update on this issue?


craigmarvelley commented Oct 24, 2013

@ruudk @winzou @garak You can now use the library's branch alias to avoid having to drop your project's overall stability requirement, e.g.:

    "require": {
        "php": ">=5.3.2",
        "symfony/framework-bundle": "~2.1",
        "doctrine/doctrine-bundle": "~1.0",
        "doctrine/migrations": "~1.0@dev"

@beberlei some idea of which issues are blocking the next alpha release would be appreciated - I'd be happy to try to resolve them as we're really dependent on this library.

Bump into 2014.


acrobat commented Oct 8, 2014

@Gadgetdude i think there won't be a stable anytime soon, as they are already discussing how to fix this version issues into a 2.0 version. See #162

@acrobat Thanks for the link. I didn't check all the pull requests before commenting. Nice to see they are working on a stable 2.0 version. Maybe they can use the Milestone feature of GitHub for that? I would love to know how much still needs to be implemented before 2.0.

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