Clarified & updated phar-cli-stub to match #64

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The README has had an erroneous commit of mine for far too long and this PR should correct that.

FYI, I attempted a rebase and failed spectacularly, so let me know if this is too messy to merge...

Coding standards here.

Here as well.


ericclemmons replied Nov 3, 2010

This should actually use the PHAR method, but it seems to fail when a PHAR package is invalid (missing files, stub, etc.).

jwage commented on bb93aa1 Nov 3, 2010

Looks good we just need some fixes for coding standards.


ericclemmons replied Nov 3, 2010

Do you have a reference for your coding standards? As a side note, this probably shouldn't be part of the commit, as the build process takes care of packaging. I just had several issues getting the unit tests to run via Phing/Ant.

For the time being, let's disregard this packager unless it's actually useful for individual devs.

jwage replied Nov 4, 2010

It is basically the PEAR/Zend coding standards. The only problem I see is that you have extra spaces between the opening and closing parenthesis of your code.


ericclemmons replied Nov 5, 2010

Whoops, too much back-and-forth between SSJS & this :)

I'll rebase & make single pull-request with only the $input/$output support.

Wow, this PR turned to crap automatically via Github! Pulled in comments and everything!


stof commented Mar 20, 2012

@ericclemmons this is because your PR contains many old commits. You should use feature branches to send PRs, not your master branch, especially when the master branch contains commits that were rejected a year ago

Yea, this sucker's a mess =/

I'll cherry-pick the relevant commits into a super-sexy PR and resend! WOOOOOooooooOOO!

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