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CHANGELOG for 1.0.x

This changelog references the relevant changes done in 1.0 minor versions.

To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the commit hash. To get the diff between two versions, go to

To generate a changelog summary since the last version, run git log --no-merges --oneline LASTVERSION...HEAD

  • 1.0.0-BETA9 (2013-06-06)

    • 26750bc: Use target class' DocumentPersister when preparing referenceMany criteria
    • bab17db: Improve regression test for #593 to check proxy state
    • c1f3f8b: Optimize class lookups if mapping has targetDocument defined
    • fa06edf: Refactor UnitOfWork::cascadePostPersist()
    • 73cd30a: Dispatch postPersist callbacks/events for upserted documents (fixes #560)
    • ab39f55: Refactor test for #560 to use an event subscriber
    • 081ccb0: Added a test case for GitHub issue #560
    • 5ac7dff: Add filter/discriminator criteria at Query-level, not Expr (fixes #596)
    • eb2f156: Do not unset EmbedMany fields in PersistenceBuilder
    • fb3ef47: added test case for ReferenceMany mapping
    • 622f34a: unset when new value is null only
    • 49bd0bd: Rename DocumentPersister::prepareSort() to prepareSortOrProjection()
    • 486a25e: $unset empty array collections or null embed many field values.
    • 7e4925a: Regression test for reference-many collections and filter criteria
    • 8c3dad7: DocumentPersister::prepareQueryOrNewObj() method is now used instead of DocumentPersister::prepareSubQuery().
    • 2d6da1d: prepare collection/filter queries
    • 7a5f0c4: remove filter criteria from query as it is handled in the DocumentPersister
    • 0d042ec: Add regression test for #566
    • e98fda9: mappedby field of embedded document throws notice
    • 45cbc71: Remove unused properties in DocumentPersister
    • 54e522f: Clean up DocumentPersister's queued inserts on error
    • 59b82e9: Add unit tests for DateType
    • c36c060: Throw exception in DateType when conversion to MongoDate fails
    • dda08d6: Use Type::getType() instead of calling private Type constructor
    • 9874a4a: Move Type classes from Mapping to Types namespace
    • 58ca354: Regression test DocumentPersister::loadAll() and cursor recreation
    • 9ec2c7d: Fix sort/limit/skip preparation in DocumentPersister load methods
    • b2597b9: Prepare projections in Query\Builder
    • 626faab: Fix several instances of doubled words
    • b12a806: Strip leading backslash for doc classes in DocumentManager
    • a0961f3: missing loggable cursor
    • f05002d: Throw exception if removed document encountered during flush
    • 0ea0d36: Refactor if/else in DocumentRepository::find()
    • 0179cbc: Remove unused args/code in UnitOfWork::doMerge()
    • d2678f7: CS and documentation fixes
    • e18a312: Fixed some typos on basic-mapping.rst
    • 870f53a: Fix field annotation wrong name
    • 7d4c1ee: Fix return type in docblocks for setter methods (closes #575)
    • 14c883a: Missing Semicolon
    • 7561238: Fixes typo in query builder api
    • 661b05c: Refactor unset embedded test in RemoveTest
    • 68a337e: Test cascade/unset behavior for references (see: #557)
    • a3c0a05: updated composer.json for Symfony 2.3
    • 40f7cdb: Add theme submodule
    • 40bdafb: example code fixed
    • 58fa319: Preserve BaseCursor hints when wrapping with EagerCursor
    • a0f9d39: Preserve BaseCursor hydrate option when wrapping with EagerCursor
    • 517e0a5: Create GridFS collections in SchemaManager (closes #486)
    • 12faf23: Check MongoId preparation for operator tests
    • cd1c49d: Prepare multiple query operators for targetDocument IDs
    • 59fcd66: Refactor targetDocument processing in prepareQueryElement()
    • 5b7f0c6: Return a tuple instead of modifying $fieldName param by reference
    • 2a937dc: Refactor DocumentPersister::prepareQueryElement()
    • 76c7811: Test nested collection key queries with set strategy
    • 5653347: Remove unnecessary ternary statement
    • 9026751: fixed prepareQueryElement() "set" strategy issue
    • c8e9a6e: Support both integers and floats in IncrementType (closes #526)
    • 4a08c18: Increment fields should respect null values (fixes #528)
    • fc38c3f: Refactor UnitOfWorkTest and DocumentPersisterMock
    • 546163b: Fix persist() loop in GH453Test
    • cf408b8: Use consistent types for identifiers in tests
    • 8b5bb39: Test that generated IDs are available after flush (closes #529)
    • 88a7dbc: Do not schedule documents with inconsistent IDs for upsert
    • e1b9f0d: Ignore MongoId constructor exceptions in IdType
    • 65c0e36: fix also load if the database name is not equal to field name
    • d1b33c8: add fallback for timestamp in date type
    • 87adfb8: added also load and not saved option to xml driver
    • 796977f: use non-strict equality check for existing indexes
    • ba287a4: Fix some instances of monospace formatting
    • 78a06c3: IncrementType can extend IntType until #526 is implemented
    • 5283c18: IntIdType can simply extend IntType
    • df33490: Add integer ID type and default to it for increment generator.
    • 516be36: Document alternative ID generator strategies
    • e6018d6: Clarify that increment type uses integers
    • 0162265: Force driver install for Travis
    • 946adf8: fixed generating proxy classes to specified dir
    • 27153e0: Update eager-cursors.rst
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