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CHANGELOG for 1.0.x

This changelog references the relevant changes done in 1.0 minor versions.

To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the commit hash. To get the diff between two versions, go to where XXX and YYY are the older and newer versions, respectively.

To generate a changelog summary since the last version, run git log --no-merges --oneline XXX...HEAD

1.0.7 (2016-07-27)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.0 milestone.

  • #1461 fixes overwriting data of documents contained in sorted collection
  • #1466 fixes hydrating null value when field is nullable

1.0.6 (2016-06-09)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.6 milestone.

  • #1382 fixes the conversion MongoDate objects to DateTime.
  • #1406 fixes queries to simple references.
  • #1416 fixes name resolution when priming references contained in embedded documents.
  • #1417 fixes unserializing PersistentCollection objects contained in documents.
  • #1431 fixes potential object hash collisions with embedded documents by keeping a copy of the document in UnitOfWork.
  • #1432 fixes the usage of embedded document field names when fixing document ownership.

1.0.5 (2016-02-16)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.5 milestone.

  • #1266 excludes changes to inverse side of relationship from change set.
  • #1313 fixes querying for empty collection of simple references.
  • #1319 fixes creation of discriminated documents during upserts.
  • #1320 lets ReflectionException bubble when mapping not existing field.
  • #1328 fixes compatibility with version 2.6 of doctrine/common.
  • #1341 fixes XSD entry for repository-method.
  • #1355 fixes initialization of mapped public properties when hydrating into Proxy.

1.0.4 (2015-12-15)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.4 milestone.

  • #1276 fixes a bug when the property name and database field name of an embedded document were different.
  • #1281 fixes orphanRemoval in PersistentCollection objects when moving items within the collection.
  • #1298 ensures that \MongoRegex instances are not converted to string when running queries.
  • #1300 ensures that inherited properties and methods are not duplicated to child classes when generating documents.
  • #1306 fixes an issue where changesets computed manually before flush could have been lost.

1.0.3 (2015-11-03)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.3 milestone.

  • #1259 makes it possible to access an embedded document's parent association through the UnitOfWork as soon as it's owning document is persisted.
  • #1259 and #1252 make it possible to simply reuse embedded documents and collections without manually cloning them. For more information please see the 1.0.3 release blog post.
  • #1248 fixes the state of an embedded document that is added back into a collection after being removed. Also, documents overwritten by set method are now properly handled by orphan removal.
  • #1251 ensures that references mapped with a repositoryMethod are considered inverse-side relations.
  • #1261 adds a missing --no-backup option for the odm:generate:documents command.

1.0.2 (2015-08-31)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.2 milestone.

#1223 resolved a security vulnerability related to file and directory creation in ODM. Doctrine Common and ORM are also affected, so users are encouraged to update all libraries and dependencies. The vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2015-5723 and additional information on the issue may be found in this blog post.

1.0.1 (2015-08-19)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.1 milestone.

#1211 fixes a regression where Cursor::count() returned the wrong count for the query by default.

1.0.0 (2015-08-18)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.0 milestone.

Stricter mapping and slightly changed behaviour

For this stable release we introduced more checks while parsing of document mappings as well as additional runtime sanity checks. This entailed some modifications to UnitOfWork's previous behavior; however, it should ensure more consistency with the database. If upgrading from a previous beta release, please review the list of relevant changes below to ensure a smooth upgrade to 1.0.0:

  • #1191: ReferenceMany's sort option may only be used with inverse-side references or references using the set, setArray, atomicSet, and atomicSetArray strategies.
  • #1190: Identifiers using the AUTO strategy must be a valid ObjectId (either a MongoId object or a 24-character hexadecimal string).
  • #1177: The collection field mapping no longer accepts a strategy property, which was previously unused.
  • #1162: Simple references must not target discriminated (also known as mixed type) documents.
  • #1155: Collection updates take place immediately after the owning document. Therefore, modifications done via post* events will no longer be saved to database. This change ensures that events are fired when they are meant to (as discussed in #1145).
  • #1147: Identifier fields must always have an id field type; however, the field's data type (e.g. string, integer) may vary based on the strategy option.
  • #1136: Owning and inverse sides of reference relationship must specify targetDocument or discriminatorMap.
  • #1130: EmbedMany and ReferenceMany collections using pushAll and addToSet strategies are re-indexed after database synchronization to ensure consistency between the database and in-memory document.
  • #1206: ODM's Cursor class no longer extends Doctrine\MongoDB\Cursor. Instead, it implements the new Doctrine\MongoDB\CursorInterface interface, which was introduced in Doctrine MongoDB 1.2.0. Eager cursor behavior is now fully handled by Doctrine MongoDB, so the ODM EagerCursor class has been deprecated (to be removed in 2.0).

Parent association is available in postLoad events

#1152 makes it possible to access an embedded document's parent association through the UnitOfWork. This effectively allows you to set a reference to the parent document on an embedded document field.

Performance optimizations

#1112 fixes a potential performance and consistency issue by ensuring that reference-primed queries always use an eager cursor.

#1086 improves count() performance for uninitialized, inverse-side references by avoiding full document hydration and calculating the count via the database command (e.g. MongoCursor::count()).

#1175 optimized the performance of UnitOfWork::commit(), which is good news for those working with a large number of managed documents. As a technical detail, we reduced the complexity from O(n^2) to to O(n), where n is number of documents scheduled for synchronization. Additionally, we removed unneeded overhead for embedded documents and did some general code cleanup in #782 and #1146, respectively.

#1155 reduced the number of queries issued to the database for document insertions, deletions, and clearing of collections.

1.0.0-BETA13 (2015-05-21)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.0-BETA13 milestone.

atomicSet and atomicSetArray strategies for top-level collections

#1096 introduces two new collection update strategies, atomicSet and atomicSetArray. Unlike existing strategies (e.g. pushAll and set), which update collections in a separate query after the parent document, the atomic strategy ensures that the collection and its parent are updated in the same query. Any nested collections (within embedded documents) will also be included in the atomic update, irrespective of their update strategies.

Currently, atomic strategies may only be specified for collections mapped directly in a document class (i.e. not collections within embedded documents). This strategy may be especially useful for highly concurrent applications and/or versioned document classes (see: #1094).

Reference priming improvements

#1068 moves the handling of primed references to the Cursor object, which allows ODM to take the skip and limit options into account and avoid priming more references than are necessary.

#970 now allows references within embedded documents to be primed by fixing a previous parsing limitation with dot syntax in field names.

New defaultDiscriminatorValue mapping

#1072 introduces a defaultDiscriminatorValue mapping, which may be used to specify a default discriminator value if a document or association has no discriminator set.

New Integer and Bool annotation aliases

#1073 introduces Integer and Bool annotations, which are aliases of Int and Boolean, respectively.

Add millisecond precision to DateType

#1063 adds millisecond precision to ODM's DateType class (note: although PHP supports microsecond precision, dates in MongoDB are limited to millisecond precision). This should now allow ODM to roundtrip dates from the database without a loss of precision.

New Hydrator generation modes

Previously, the autoGenerateHydratorClasses ODM configuration option was a boolean denoting whether to always or never create Hydrator classes. As of #953, this option now supports four modes:

  • AUTOGENERATE_NEVER = 0 (same as false)
  • AUTOGENERATE_ALWAYS = 1 (same as true)

Support for custom DocumentRepository factory

#892 allows users to define a custom repository class via the defaultRepositoryClassName configuration option. Alternatively, a custom factory class may also be configured, which allows users complete control over how repository classes are instantiated.

Custom repository and factory classes must implement Doctrine\Common\Persistence\ObjectRepository and Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Repository\RepositoryFactory, respectively.

1.0.0-BETA12 (2015-02-24)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.0-BETA12 milestone.

Allow filter parameters to be specified in Configuration

#908 added an optional second parameter to Configuration::addFilter(), which accepts an associative array of parameters to set on the filter when it is enabled.

Added RFC 4122 UUID binary data type

A new field type (bin_uuid_rfc4122) and annotation (@BinUUIDRFC4122) were added in #1004. This should be used instead of the bin_uuid type, which is deprecated in the BSON specification. PHP driver 1.5+ will validate RFC 4122 UUIDs, which should improve compatibility with other languages that may have native UUID types.

__clone() method no longer called when documents are instantiated via ClassMetadata::newInstance()

As of #956, ClassMetadata uses the Doctrine Instantiator library to create new document instances. This library avoids calling __clone() or any public API on instantiated objects. This is a BC break for\ code that may have relied upon the previous behavior.

Simple references now require a target document

As of #934, a MappingException will be thrown if a target document is not specified for a simple reference. Simple references always required a target document; this change simply throws an error while parsing metadata instead of waiting for a later error at runtime.

1.0.0-BETA11 (2014-06-06)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.0-BETA11 milestone.

Ensure cascade mapping option is always set

ClassMetadataInfo's handling of cascade options was refactored in #888 to be more consistent with ORM. These changes ensure that $mapping["cascade"] is always set, which is required by ResolveTargetDocumentListener.

Use Reflection API to create document instances in PHP 5.4+

PHP 5.4.29 and 5.5.13 introduced a BC-breaking change to unserialize(), which broke ODM's ability to instantiate document classes without invoking their constructor (used for hydration). The suggested work-around is to use ReflectionClass::newInstanceWithoutConstructor(), which is available in 5.4+. This change was implemented in #893.

1.0.0-BETA10 (2014-05-05)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.0.0-BETA10 milestone.


#663 added a new ResolveTargetDocumentListener service, which allows targetDocument metadata to be resolved at runtime. This is based on a corresponding class in ORM, which has existed since version 2.2. This promotes loose coupling by allowing interfaces or abstract classes to be specified in the owning model's metadata. The service will then resolve those values to a concrete class upon the ODM's request.

Improved support for differentiating identifier types and non-scalar values

ODM previously required that documents use scalar identifier values. Also, the identity map, which UnitOfWork uses to track managed documents, was unable to differentiate between numeric strings and actual numeric types. After internal refactoring in #444, it should now be possible to use complex types such as MongoBinData and associative arrays (i.e. hash type) and the identity map should no longer confuse strings and numeric types. Embedded documents and references are still not supported as identifier values.

Classes not listed in discriminator maps

When a discriminator map is used, ODM will store the object's short key instead of its FQCN in the discriminator field. Previously, ODM might leave that field blank when dealing with a class that was not defined in the map. ODM will now fall back to storing the FQCN in this case. This primarily affects embedded documents and references.

Criteria API

The base DocumentRepository class now implements the Selectable interface from the Criteria API in Doctrine Collections 1.1. This brings some consistency with ORM; however, ODM's PersistentCollection class does not yet support Selectable. This functionality was introduced in #699.

Read preferences and Cursor refactoring

ODM's Cursor class was refactored to compose the Doctrine MongoDB Cursor. It still extends the base class for backwards compatibility, but methods are now proxied rather than simply overridden. This solved a few bugs where the cursor states might become inconsistent.

With this refactoring, ODM now has proper support for read preferences in its query builder and the UnitOfWork hints, which previously only supported the deprecated slaveOkay option. Much of this work was implemented in #565.

DocumentRepository findAll() and findBy()

The findAll() and findBy() methods in DocumentRepository previously returned a Cursor object, which was not compatible with the ObjectRepository interface in Doctrine Common. This has been changed in #752, so these methods now return a numerically indexed array. The change also affects the magic repository methods, which utilize findBy() internally. If users require a Cursor, they should utilize the query builder or a custom repository method.

Lifecycle callbacks and AlsoLoad

The @HasLifecycleCallbacks class annotation is now required for lifecycle annotations on methods declared within that class to be registered. If a parent and child close both register the same lifecycle callback, ODM will only invoke it once. Previously, the same callback could be registered and invoked multiple times (see #427, #474, and #695).

The @AlsoLoad method annotation does not require @HasLifecycleCallbacks on the class in which it is declared. If the method considers multiple fields, it will only be invoked once for the first field found. This is consistent with how @AlsoLoad works for properties. Previously, the method might be invoked multiple times.

MongoBinData subtype change for BinDataType

BinDataType (type bin) now defaults to 0 for its MongoBinData subtype. The various binary type classes have all been refactored to extend BinDataType. BinDataType's previous subtype, 2, is available via the BinDataByteArrayType class (type bin_bytearray); however, users should note that subtype 2 is deprecated in the BSON specification.

Priming references

Builder::prime() now allows any callable to be registered, where previously only Closures were supported. The method will throw an InvalidArgumentException if the argument is not a boolean or callable. Boolean true may still be passed to utilize the default primer. Priming is now deferred until the very end of Query::execute(), so it will now apply to findAndModify command results.

The signature for primer callables has changed to:

function(DocumentManager $dm, ClassMetadata $class, array $ids, array $hints)

A ClassMetadata instance (of the class to be primed) is now passed as the second argument instead of the class name string. The reference field name, which was formerly the third argument, has been removed.

1.0.0-BETA9 (2013-06-06)

  • 26750bc: Use target class' DocumentPersister when preparing referenceMany criteria
  • bab17db: Improve regression test for #593 to check proxy state
  • c1f3f8b: Optimize class lookups if mapping has targetDocument defined
  • fa06edf: Refactor UnitOfWork::cascadePostPersist()
  • 73cd30a: Dispatch postPersist callbacks/events for upserted documents (fixes #560)
  • ab39f55: Refactor test for #560 to use an event subscriber
  • 081ccb0: Added a test case for GitHub issue #560
  • 5ac7dff: Add filter/discriminator criteria at Query-level, not Expr (fixes #596)
  • eb2f156: Do not unset EmbedMany fields in PersistenceBuilder
  • fb3ef47: added test case for ReferenceMany mapping
  • 622f34a: unset when new value is null only
  • 49bd0bd: Rename DocumentPersister::prepareSort() to prepareSortOrProjection()
  • 486a25e: $unset empty array collections or null embed many field values.
  • 7e4925a: Regression test for reference-many collections and filter criteria
  • 8c3dad7: DocumentPersister::prepareQueryOrNewObj() method is now used instead of DocumentPersister::prepareSubQuery().
  • 2d6da1d: prepare collection/filter queries
  • 7a5f0c4: remove filter criteria from query as it is handled in the DocumentPersister
  • 0d042ec: Add regression test for #566
  • e98fda9: mappedby field of embedded document throws notice
  • 45cbc71: Remove unused properties in DocumentPersister
  • 54e522f: Clean up DocumentPersister's queued inserts on error
  • 59b82e9: Add unit tests for DateType
  • c36c060: Throw exception in DateType when conversion to MongoDate fails
  • dda08d6: Use Type::getType() instead of calling private Type constructor
  • 9874a4a: Move Type classes from Mapping to Types namespace
  • 58ca354: Regression test DocumentPersister::loadAll() and cursor recreation
  • 9ec2c7d: Fix sort/limit/skip preparation in DocumentPersister load methods
  • b2597b9: Prepare projections in Query\Builder
  • 626faab: Fix several instances of doubled words
  • b12a806: Strip leading backslash for doc classes in DocumentManager
  • a0961f3: missing loggable cursor
  • f05002d: Throw exception if removed document encountered during flush
  • 0ea0d36: Refactor if/else in DocumentRepository::find()
  • 0179cbc: Remove unused args/code in UnitOfWork::doMerge()
  • d2678f7: CS and documentation fixes
  • e18a312: Fixed some typos on basic-mapping.rst
  • 870f53a: Fix field annotation wrong name
  • 7d4c1ee: Fix return type in docblocks for setter methods (closes #575)
  • 14c883a: Missing Semicolon
  • 7561238: Fixes typo in query builder api
  • 661b05c: Refactor unset embedded test in RemoveTest
  • 68a337e: Test cascade/unset behavior for references (see: #557)
  • a3c0a05: updated composer.json for Symfony 2.3
  • 40f7cdb: Add theme submodule
  • 40bdafb: example code fixed
  • 58fa319: Preserve BaseCursor hints when wrapping with EagerCursor
  • a0f9d39: Preserve BaseCursor hydrate option when wrapping with EagerCursor
  • 517e0a5: Create GridFS collections in SchemaManager (closes #486)
  • 12faf23: Check MongoId preparation for operator tests
  • cd1c49d: Prepare multiple query operators for targetDocument IDs
  • 59fcd66: Refactor targetDocument processing in prepareQueryElement()
  • 5b7f0c6: Return a tuple instead of modifying $fieldName param by reference
  • 2a937dc: Refactor DocumentPersister::prepareQueryElement()
  • 76c7811: Test nested collection key queries with set strategy
  • 5653347: Remove unnecessary ternary statement
  • 9026751: fixed prepareQueryElement() "set" strategy issue
  • c8e9a6e: Support both integers and floats in IncrementType (closes #526)
  • 4a08c18: Increment fields should respect null values (fixes #528)
  • fc38c3f: Refactor UnitOfWorkTest and DocumentPersisterMock
  • 546163b: Fix persist() loop in GH453Test
  • cf408b8: Use consistent types for identifiers in tests
  • 8b5bb39: Test that generated IDs are available after flush (closes #529)
  • 88a7dbc: Do not schedule documents with inconsistent IDs for upsert
  • e1b9f0d: Ignore MongoId constructor exceptions in IdType
  • 65c0e36: fix also load if the database name is not equal to field name
  • d1b33c8: add fallback for timestamp in date type
  • 87adfb8: added also load and not saved option to xml driver
  • 796977f: use non-strict equality check for existing indexes
  • ba287a4: Fix some instances of monospace formatting
  • 78a06c3: IncrementType can extend IntType until #526 is implemented
  • 5283c18: IntIdType can simply extend IntType
  • df33490: Add integer ID type and default to it for increment generator.
  • 516be36: Document alternative ID generator strategies
  • e6018d6: Clarify that increment type uses integers
  • 0162265: Force driver install for Travis
  • 946adf8: fixed generating proxy classes to specified dir
  • 27153e0: Update eager-cursors.rst