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CHANGELOG for 1.1.x

This changelog references the relevant changes done in 1.1 minor versions. If upgrading from 1.0.x branch, please review Upgrade Path.

1.1.3 (2017-01-14)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.1.3 milestone.

  • #1551 fixes modifying reference fields with Query Builder
  • #1550 fixes reusing embedded documents with multiple flushes
  • #1543 provides support for nullable return types in custom collections
  • #1540 ensures compatibility with MongoDB 3.4
  • #1544 ensures compatibility with PHP 7.1

1.1.2 (2016-10-07)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.1.2 milestone.

  • #1468 fixes dropping of GridFS collections when calling dropCollections() on the SchemaManager
  • #1481 fixes preparation of referenced objects when using findBy() or findOneBy()
  • #1498 fixes orphanRemoval when clearing an uninitialized collection
  • #1503 fixes an error with createDbRef not working for objects with an ID that evaluated to false (e.g. empty string, 0)

1.1.1 (2016-07-27)

All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.1.1 milestone.

  • #1436 ensures generated Documents/Repositories follow PSR-2 coding standard
  • #1437 fixes change set of exchanged collection to include old one
  • #1440 fixes upserting documents mapped with YAML file
  • #1458 adds support for customCollection to XML/YAML drivers
  • #1461 fixes overwriting data of documents contained in sorted collection
  • #1462 makes PersistentCollection call decorated ArrayAccess related methods
  • #1466 fixes hydrating null value when field is nullable


All issues and pull requests in this release may be found under the 1.1.0 milestone.

Sharding support

#1385 - Introduces full sharding support for ODM. For usage instructions please refer to Sharding chapter in the documentation.

Custom Collections

#1219 - Allows developer to use their own collection classes instead of ArrayCollection for @EmbedMany and @ReferenceMany fields and gives full control on how the collections are instantiated. For full usage reference please check out Custom Collections chapter in the documentation.

Event is dispatched for missing referenced documents

#1336 - When referenced document is accessed but not found in database ODM throws DocumentNotFoundException exception. As of now user can hook into the process and populate incomplete object on his/her own or take any other suitable action. For example usage please refer to documentNotFound event documentation.

Partial indexes

#1303 Partial indexes introduced in MongoDB 3.2 are also supported as ODM's @Index option. For example usage please refer to index documentation

More powerful lifecycle callbacks

#1222 - Document's lifecycle callbacks are now receiving an event argument which allows user to access DocumentManager should (s)he need it. For full method signatures please see Event chapter of documentation.

Ease using objects as search criterion

#1363 - querying for references is now less tedious, now you can use

$dm->getRepository(User::class)->findOneBy(['account' => $account]);
$dm->getRepository(User::class)->findBy(['groups' => $group]);

#1333 - ODM will go through known class' descendants when query builder's references or includesReferenceTo are used with non-existing field (i.e. discriminated abstract class being queried for references defined in child classes).

Read-Only mode for fetching documents

#1403 - Read-Only mode instructs ODM to not only hydrate the latest data but also to create new document's instance (i.e. if found document would be already managed by Doctrine, new instance will be returned) and not register it in UnitOfWork. This technique can prove especially useful when using select() while building query with no intent to update fetched documents. To read more about read-only mode you can check documentation.

EmbedMany and ReferenceMany fields included in the change set

#1339 - Previously hard to spot changes in collections are now easier to detect thanks to including them in the owning document's change set. While collections' instances are usually the same you can check both new and removed documents with getInsertedDocuments and getDeletedDocuments methods respectively.

Support for immutable DateTime objects

#1391 - The Date type now supports converting DateTimeImmutable objects to MongoDate. Previously, only DateTime was converted, causing errors when using immutable date objects.

Support for writeConcern per document

#1419 - The new writeConcern property in the document mapping allows users to overwrite the default write concern specified in the configuration. With this, it's possible to allow unacknowledged writes for certain documents or require writes to more than one node for others.

PHP 7 compatibility

While ODM still relies on legacy MongoDB driver (i.e. ext-mongo) it is possible to run ODM using PHP 7 and HHVM thanks to alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter which provides old API atop new ext-mongodb driver and mongodb/mongo-php-library library. Until ODM 2.0 is released this is officially supported way and is included in our test suite. If you are using annotations to map documents, do not use the deprecated annotations mentioned below as they do not work in PHP 7.

Upgrade Path

PHP requirement changed

PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 support has been dropped due to their end of life (or getting close to it in case of 5.5).

preLoad lifecycle callback signature change

preLoad lifecycle callback now receives PreLoadEventArgs object instead of an array of data passed by reference. For reasoning why the change was made please see relevant pull request (#1222).


@Field preferred way of mapping field

Due to PHP 7 reserving keywords such as int, string, bool and float their respective field annotations are no longer valid. To avoid having large inconsistencies #1318 deprecates all annotations which only purpose was setting mapped field's type. Deprecated classes will be removed in version 2.0.

@Increment superseded by storage strategies

#1352 deprecates @Increment field type in favour of more robust strategy field option. To learn more about storage strategies please see relevant chapter in documentation. increment field type will be removed in version 2.0.

Simple references superseded by storeAs

#1349 deprecates the simple option used in references and replaces it with the new storeAs option. This allows for an additional reference mode called dbRef which doesn't store a $db field in the DBRef object. For compatibility with existing references, the default mode is dbRefWithDb but will be replaced with dbRef in version 2.0. For more information, see the reference mapping documentation.

1.0.x End-of-Life

ODM 1.1 drops older PHP versions which may be problematic for some users. Although we strongly recommend running latest PHP we understand this may not be easy change therefore we will still support ODM 1.0.x and release bugfix versions for 6 months from now on.