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Changelog entry for BinDataType subtype change and BinDataByteArrayType

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jmikola committed Jan 16, 2014
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@@ -38,6 +38,14 @@ will only be invoked once for the first field found. This is consistent with how
`@AlsoLoad` works for properties. Previously, the method might be invoked
multiple times.
+#### MongoBinData subtype change for BinDataType
+BinDataType (type `bin`) now defaults to `0` for its MongoBinData subtype. The
+various binary type classes have all been refactored to extend BinDataType.
+BinDataType's previous subtype, `2`, is available via the BinDataByteArrayType
+class (type `bin_bytearray`); however, users should note that subtype `2` is
+deprecated in the [BSON specification](
#### Priming References
`Builder::prime()` now allows any callable to be registered, where previously

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