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Embedded document without any properties is persisted as an empty array #523

vmattila opened this Issue Mar 7, 2013 · 5 comments

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vmattila commented Mar 7, 2013


I just noticed some strange behavior with Embedded documents. In case there is @EmbedOne'd document with none of the fields set and none of them is set as nullable=true, it seems that Doctrine persists the @EmbedOne as an empty array.

    "embedded_document": [ ]

If I now set the embedded field property via the parent's getter:

I can see that Doctrine tries to make a call {"$set": {"embedded_document.field" : "some_value"} } but apparently Mongo does not set the value because of the empty array.

I try to reproduce the whole issue in a test case soon.

Doctrine member
jmikola commented Mar 7, 2013

Thanks. I know we have code in place to ensure empty embedded documents are prepared as an object instead of an array (see PersistenceBuilder::prepareEmbeddedDocumentValue), but this might be an uncaught edge case. A test case will be very helpful in narrowing it down. Feel free to make it a functional bug report test named GH523.

vmattila commented Mar 7, 2013

At this point, I am a very unsure where the bug is. We get the empty arrays in the db in regular basis, but I just wrote a minimum test case that resembles our Document structure and the test case passes well. I can set originally empty embedded document field values after re-fetching the main document from the DB and everything goes smoothly.

But when I browse logs in our actual application environment (Symfony2), I can see that
$document->getEmbeddedDocument()->setField("New value"); $dm->flush($document); makes Doctrine to send a query like {"$set": {"embedded_document.field": "New value"}} to database. The database still stays in state {"embedded_document": [ ] }. I recently identified that none of other updates in the same query are persisted either.

As far as I do not work with any of the embedded document's fields, everything works. If I clone and reset the embedded_document property (before or after calling setField("New value") on it, the whole embedded document gets happily flushed to the database as it converts to query {"$set": {"embedded_document": {"field": "New value"} } }.

Very strange, but I try to keep you updated if I manage to narrow the cause down.

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jwage commented Mar 8, 2013

What version of the odm are you using?

vmattila commented Mar 8, 2013

This is our composer.json configuration in the real environment.

    "doctrine/mongodb-odm-bundle": "3.0.0-beta3",
    "doctrine/mongodb-odm": "1.0.0-beta8",
    "doctrine/mongodb": "1.0.1",

The passing unit test I wrote was against latest master c2eed60 .

vmattila commented Dec 3, 2014

Actually this might be related somehow to the JIRA issue I recently hit this error when the database was in state { "embedded_document": [ ] } and Doctrine tried to do a query { "$set": {"embedded_document.field": "Something"} }. Apparently this failed with "Can't append to array" exception from MongoDB.

I will close this issue now as it seems Doctrine works fine in this very issue.

@vmattila vmattila closed this Dec 3, 2014
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