Failing test case to demonstrate MODM-92 bug #37

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Jeremy Mikola [MODM-92] Failing test case for demonstrating duplicate embedded obje…
…ct creation when changing embedMany collections
pgodel commented Oct 23, 2010

this seems to be the same bug that I've been trying to replicate persistently without success.

jwage commented Oct 25, 2010

This one is going to be tricky. Will report back here.

jmikola commented Oct 25, 2010

@jwage: I don't envy you. I was all psyched to fix this and then Bulat and I found how ingrained the issue was with UoW. Let me know if there's anything I could assist with, though (maybe during a 20% Friday :)

jwage commented Nov 23, 2010

Thanks for the test case! This is now fixed!

This issue was closed.
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