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Create a GridFS file instead of a collection #486

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When using the "odm:schema:create" command it would create a GridFS file collection as a regular collection. This creates the proper GridFS files collection instead.

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jmikola commented Jan 31, 2013

Instantiating the MongoGridFS class doesn't actually create anything on the server. Are you sure this is actually creating a collection, or is it NOP-ing in the case of a file?

Technically, both GridFS collections are normal collections -- they just have a specific naming convention. It may be more reasonable to call createCollection() with the appropriate name (e.g. fs.files).


Without this change, when I run the schema:create command I get these collections created. There shouldn't be an Asset collection.

> show collections

It may be better to explicitly create the Asset.files and Asset.chunks collections, but I assumed the driver handled that automatically when you instantiated MongoGridFS

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jmikola commented Feb 1, 2013

What is actually creating the Asset.files collection? The reason I mention the NOP, is because:


...shouldn't do anything at all on the server-side. It's going to instantiate a MongoGridFS class that quickly falls out of scope in this PHP method. I think it'd be better to simply do:

if ($class->isFile()) {

...between the exception for mapped superclasses and the existing createCollection() call. Otherwise, we could amend the createCollection() code to actually create a *.files collection, but someone is bound to shoot themselves in the foot that way. If you created a capped fs.files collection and it fills up, you're going to end up with orphan chunks in the fs.chunks collection at some point.

@jmikola jmikola added a commit that closed this pull request Apr 1, 2013
@jmikola jmikola Create GridFS collections in SchemaManager (closes #486)
GridFS collections should never use capped collections, so we can ignore those options from ClassMetadataInfo.
@jmikola jmikola closed this in 517e0a5 Apr 1, 2013
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jmikola commented Apr 1, 2013

@MDrollette: Please take a look at 517e0a5. I believe that addresses your concerns.

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