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Cleaner travis ci file #72

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Build fails:

$ pecl -q install mongo-${MONGO_VERSION} && echo "" >> `php --ini | grep "Loaded Configuration" | sed -e "s|.*:\s*||"`

Package "mongo" does not have REST info xml available
install failed

before_script: 'pecl -q install mongo-${MONGO_VERSION} && echo "" >> `php --ini | grep "Loaded Configuration" | sed -e "s|.*:\s*||"`' returned false.

Renamed my commit to trigger a new travis build, and it passed.
I guess the build failed because of a network connection error or something.

My commit is an application of "Installing PHP extensions"


as you are cleaning this file, there is also no need to wget composer anymore ;)


Thanks, guys. @adrienbrault: Would you mind submitting a similar PR to doctrine/mongodb-odm if you have the time?

@jmikola jmikola merged commit 34e75e3 into doctrine:master
@adrienbrault adrienbrault referenced this pull request in doctrine/mongodb-odm

Cleaner Travis CI file #417

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Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. @adrienbrault

    Cleaner travis ci file

    adrienbrault authored
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Showing with 2 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +2 −6 .travis.yml
8 .travis.yml
@@ -10,9 +10,5 @@ env:
services: mongodb
- - wget${MONGO_VERSION}.tgz
- - tar -xzf mongo-${MONGO_VERSION}.tgz
- - sh -c "cd mongo-${MONGO_VERSION} && phpize && ./configure && make && sudo make install"
- - echo "" >> `php --ini | grep "Loaded Configuration" | sed -e "s|.*:\s*||"`
- - wget -nc
- - php composer.phar install
+ - pecl -q install mongo-${MONGO_VERSION} && echo "" >> `php --ini | grep "Loaded Configuration" | sed -e "s|.*:\s*||"`
+ - composer install --dev
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