Added ability to return documents without the id as the key in Cursor::toArray() #78

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j commented Nov 20, 2012

I didn't pass this along to the eager cursor, but can if it's necessary.

It beats doing

return [
    'data' => array_values($cursor->toArray())

every time I want to remove the document ids from the array!



jmikola commented Dec 2, 2012

@jstout24: There are some additional invocations of Cursor::toArray(). Should they also be updated?

  • Query::toArray() calls toArray() on the inner iterator, which is a cursor.
  • EagerCursor::initialize() calls the inner cursor's toArray() method. If we add $useKeys here, then we'd need it in all the places that call initialize().
  • Cursor::getSingleResult() calls toArray() and grabs the first element. In that case, the key really doesn't matter, so we can likely pass false.

I think supporting Query and Cursor would be straightforward, but I'll defer to @jwage about EagerCursor, since that was his creation.


jmikola commented Dec 2, 2012

Also, supporting $useKeys is related to an issue brought up in bobthecow/genghis#51, which I filed as PHP-570. If one is using objects as _id values in lieu of scalars or MongoId instances, the object cannot be used as an array key. In that case, you'd definitely want to specify $useKeys as false.


j commented Dec 4, 2012

Yep, I've ran into that same issue before. I started rewriting this PR, and made a fluent, useKeys() method in the Cursor and EagerCursor to match, but it feels odd doing it this way because it only pertains to the toArray method in the cursor, which reminded me why I didn't touch EagerCursor when I opened this PR 👅

Anyway, in the eager cursor, suppose I simply do an array_values on the data of the toArray() method since that's what I'm forced to do right now in my app anyway.. either that, or we can go the fluid route.


j commented Dec 4, 2012 is the fluid example

Usage would be:

$users = $dm->createQueryBuilder('User')

jmikola referenced this pull request in doctrine/mongodb-odm Dec 13, 2012


toArray without keys #463


jmikola commented Dec 17, 2012

@jwage: While you're reviewing the old/new driver PR, please take a look at this as well and chime in.


jwage commented Dec 18, 2012


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Added ability to return documents without the id as the key in Cursor::toArray()

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