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@lcobucci lcobucci released this Dec 20, 2017

Build Status

This release contains almost 3 years of active development and it provides several improvements and fixes, including:

  • Better commit order calculation
  • More stable second level cache
  • Strict testing and quality control
  • PHP 7.1+ requirement


As of today, Doctrine ORM v2.6.x is our stable distribution, and will receive regular bugfix releases.
The ORM team will now be able to focus completely on the v3.0, which has no release schedule, therefore
we should not expect new features landing on v2.7.0 but only deprecation notices.

Doctrine ORM v2.5.14 will be the last bugfix release for the v2.5.x series. Further releases will only
occur in the eventuality of a security issue being discovered.

Changes since 2.5.0

Total issues resolved: 444

Minor BC-Break

New Feature




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