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Please provide different annotation loading schemes:

public function loadMetadataForClass($className, ClassMetadataInfo $metadata)
    $reflClass = $metadata->getReflectionClass();

    $classAnnotations = $this->reader->getClassAnnotations($reflClass);

    if (isset($classAnnotations['Doctrine\OXM\Mapping\XmlEntity'])) {

This code doesn't work with DoctrineOXMBundle and Symfony RC4

Doctrine member

@nfx - do you mean @golovanov's DoctrineOXMBundle?

There isn't an official DoctrineOXMBundle yet, but the https://github.com/doctrine/oxm project was recently updated to include doctrine common 2.1 compatability, which should help your loading issues


Yeap, the @golovanov's bundle :) It's relatively functional now. Thing that OXM misses is the lookup by ids.

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