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Accessing the underlying PHPCR session

PHPCR-ODM builds on top of the PHPCR api. You can access this to do operations not provided by the DocumentManager. However, if you do any data manipulations, you risk to get the DocumentManager out of sync. If you do not know exactly what you do, it is recommended to flush before accessing the PHPCR layer, and then not use the DocumentManager any longer. To flush the operations you did on PHPCR layer, you can call SessionInterface::save()

Getting the PHPCR Session

The DocumentManager provides access to the PHPCR session:

$session = $documentManager->getPhpcrSession();
// do stuff

The Node field mapping

Using the node mapping, you can set the PHPCR\NodeInterface to a field of your document. This field is populated on find, and as soon as you register the document with the manager using persist().

.. configuration-block::

    .. code-block:: php

        use Doctrine\ODM\PHPCR\Mapping\Annotations as PHPCR;

         * @PHPCR\Document
        class MyPersistentClass
             * @PHPCR\Node
            private $node;

    .. code-block:: xml

            <document class="MyPersistentClass">
                <node fieldName="node"/>

    .. code-block:: yaml

            node: node