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@@ -255,8 +255,8 @@ Mapping multivalue properties
PHPCR handles multivalue (array) data natively. The PHPCR-ODM exposes this feature through the
-`multivalue` attribute of properties. Unless specified as true, properties are considered single
+`multivalue` attribute of properties and adds support for hashmaps (storing the keys as well).
+Unless specified as true, properties are considered single value.
.. configuration-block::
@@ -285,6 +285,40 @@ value.
This mapping expects the field $names to contain an array of strings. When reading from the database,
a multivalue property is expected and the field will be set to the array of strings.
+The multivalue mapping will lose the keys of the array. To store hashmaps with keys, use the assoc
+attribute. This attribute implies multivalue so you don't need to repeat multivalue=true. The following
+configuration will result in the PHPCR property namesKeys for the names array and listArraykeys for
+the list keys.
+.. configuration-block::
+ .. code-block:: php
+ <?php
+ /** @String(assoc="") */
+ private $names;
+ /** @String(assoc="listArraykeys") */
+ private $list;
+ .. code-block:: xml
+ <doctrine-mapping>
+ <document name="MyPersistentClass">
+ <field fieldName="names" assoc="" />
+ <field fieldName="list" assoc="listArraykeys" />
+ </document>
+ </doctrine-mapping>
+ .. code-block:: yaml
+ MyPersistentClass:
+ type: document
+ fields:
+ names:
+ assoc: ""
+ list:
+ assoc: "listArraykeys"
@@ -304,6 +338,10 @@ Again a short list for the overview:
property in the repository.
- ``multivalue``: (optional, defaults to false) If this is set to true, the
property is an array of the specified type.
+- ``assoc``: (optional, defaults to false) If set to a string, the value is
+ considered multivalue and the keys are stored in the PHPCR property given
+ for the assoc property. If the value of assoc is empty, the name for the
+ key field is the normal field name with ``Keys`` appended.

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