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<phpunit bootstrap="bootstrap.php">
<var name="DOCTRINE_PHPCR_FACTORY" value="\Midgard\PHPCR\RepositoryFactory" />
<var name="midgard2.configuration.db.type" value="SQLite" />
<var name="" value="odm" />
<var name="midgard2.configuration.db.dir" value="/tmp" />
<var name="midgard2.configuration.db.init" value="true" />
<var name="midgard2.configuration.blobdir" value="/tmp/blobs" />
<!--<var name="midgard2.configuration.loglevel" value="debug" />-->
<var name="DOCTRINE_PHPCR_USER" value="admin" />
<var name="DOCTRINE_PHPCR_PASS" value="password" />
<var name="DOCTRINE_PHPCR_WORKSPACE" value="" />
<!-- to adjust performance results to your specific hardware, use integers only. -->
<!-- the InsertPerformanceTest tries to insert count nodes in one second -->
<var name="DOCTRINE_PHPCR_PERFORMANCE_COUNT" value="100" />
<testsuite name="Project Test Suite">
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