Wish List

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A brief list of things it would be nice to see contributed to CloudCrowd:

  • A Job Creation UI for the Operations Center … pick your action, add inputs and options, and you’re off to the races.
  • More unit and acceptance tests.
  • Additional storage backends for the AssetStore, besides s3 and filesystem. Database and memcache and webdav backends seem like they would be interesting options.
  • Some performance tests and benchmarks, to see what the expected throughput looks like at different levels.
  • It would be nice to take a look at Grand Central Dispatch for ideas on how to efficiently manage workers and job queues.
  • A UI for changing the max_workers setting for each Node, via the Operations Center.

Completed Wishes:

  • It would be great to add more conditions (in addition to max_workers), to limit the number of Workers that can be run on a node. max_memory, max_cpu, and max_load seem particularly promising. The node would be considered busy if it hit any of those limits.
    (Version 0.2.1) max_load and min_free_memory are now implemented. max_cpu can be added with the same mechanism as soon as someone figures out a good, accurate, cross-UNIX way to measure it.
  • Add/Remove Workers via the server UI – drnic
    (Version 0.2) Workers are created and removed on-the-fly, up to max_workers, so there’s no longer a need to manually add and remove them.
  • And how about running a single daemon process per box, that fetches work and forks off workers. You could configure a “percentage of memory to leave free”, and the daemon would continue to fetch work and fork workers up to that limit. Would be a nice way to scale to the confines of a box while avoiding memory leaks.
    (Version 0.2) Now there’s the notion of Nodes, representing a physical machine that runs a cluster of ephemeral workers. Scales to the confines of the machine without persistent processes that could leak memory.

Discarded Wishes:

  • We should also at least consider a queue-per-worker / work-stealing setup.
    — Work-stealing would only make sense for CloudCrowd if a particular node had a backed-up queue. That’s currently not the case. Any work units that a node receives begin execution immediately.
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