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iamvery commented Mar 2, 2012

Please update your docs / website to more expressly indicate that Java is a hard requirement for JS compression. Its "duh" now that I think about it, but I spent several hours trying to figure out why compression wasn't working on a server, but worked great everywhere else.

I understand that in general people "just know" that Java is a requirement for YUI, etc, but if it slips your mind or (in my case) you didn't know that, it can be very confusing that compression "gracefully" fails without any error or warning. We should probably at least see a warning in the log that compression was skipped due to Java missing.

Thanks for your great library!

(please try to overlook my extended emotions in this point.. its been one of those afternoons :)

Well, I want to thank @iamvery for this issue, since I faced the same problem... The java dependency is far from evident to me since I discovered web-development in a ruby-only environment. A notice in logs or doc would be nice indeed...

[EDIT] Well in fact it gets logged... in the application-server's log, not in the Rails' one (in my case log/thin.0.log, not in log/rails.log).

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