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Viæ Regiæ

A public history project, 'Mapping the Transport Network of Early Modern England & Wales'.

This project was initiated early in 2021 by Stephen Gadd and Colin Greenstreet, and is currently inactive. The project's primary outputs to date are available through the links given below.

Blog Post

Viae Regiae volunteer Kathryn Bullen wrote about the origins of the word 'road'. [PDF]

Dataset Visualisation

The datasets listed below can be explored through an interactive Peripleo map interface.

Downloadable datasets

These datasets were produced by the project's volunteers, using Recogito to annotate and geolocate sixteenth- and seventeenth-century source material. They are Linked Open Data in Linked Places Format, which is an extension of GeoJSON that will load in most GIS applications.

Christopher Saxton's Place Names of England & Wales, 1574-1578

Geolocated annotations of Christopher Saxton's County Maps of England & Wales, using controlled vocabulary. [Download].

Volunteer Team

  • David Cant (leader)
  • Stuart Bain
  • Michael Bennett
  • Tamsin Braisher
  • Kathryn Bullen
  • David Elis-Williams
  • Pam Fisher
  • Stephen Gadd
  • Michael Hall
  • James Heald
  • Katy Thornton
  • Kirsty Wright

John Leland in Wales, 1530-1540

Geolocated annotations of published volumes of John Leland's Itineraries in Wales, using controlled vocabulary. [Download].

Volunteer Team

  • Stuart Bain (leader)
  • Tamsin Braisher
  • Nick Cooke
  • David Elis-Williams
  • Sylvia Fowles
  • Stephen Gadd
  • Colin Greenstreet
  • Adam Chapman (advisor)
  • Jason Evans (advisor)

Wenceslaus Hollar, Topographical Depictions, 1660

Geolocated annotations of Wenceslaus Hollar's vignettes intended for publication in Britannia. This dataset and its source are featured on the web site of the British Library here. [Download].

Volunteer Team

  • Tamsin Braisher
  • David Cant
  • Stephen Gadd