We should have custom error pages with an optional detail to get the exception #13

mikebz opened this Issue Mar 29, 2011 · 4 comments


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Our error pages should be inline with the best practices. The sample error page should send people to the forum to get help and maybe have a section one can expand to see the error message.


This would be easy enough to implement with the toggle function.


Good idea, I'll add this to the PHP Sample soon. The more debug info the better!


I found a spot where the exception could be prevented through prior validation (no document was provided when sending). Are you looking to rely on such an error page/exception handler or would it be good to show a validation error page instead of an API exception?


I believe we are going to continue to show the API exception, but also provide more information on the error page. It should include the SOAP Request, Response, and highlight the error message.

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