The RequestStatus page shows off the RequestStatus but it really just uses the codes. We should teach people to use the most lightweight call. #14

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mikebz commented Mar 29, 2011

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jferraioli commented Apr 1, 2011

I'll defend this decision, as it was mine.

While I agree we want to teach people to use the most lightweight call, we want to teach them to use the most lightweight one appropriate to their use case.

In our use case, we needed to quickly display information about all the envelopes, including the subject line. The subject line is only returned in the "heavier" calls. We also want to quickly display tab data, which also requires a heavy call.

So while we don't really want people to use it when not necessary, in my opinion, it is the best method for this use case.

It does demonstrate best practice in that it only requests for a limited set of envelopes, and doesn't separate the calls into n RequestStatusEx calls.

I'm open to discussion!


nicholasareed commented Jul 5, 2011

Resolution reached?

I added an example of the RequestStatus call to the PHP example by turning the EnvelopeID on the Get Status and Docs page into a link to "getstatusofenvelope.php" It just returns the SOAP result for now.

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